Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The House Is Back To Normal, But I Like It The Other Way Best.......

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and words can't begin to describe how wonderful it was to have our NY daughter and her family with us. The house was full of fun and toys everywhere and children up and down the stairs, hugs and kisses.....lots in the fridge to snack on. You can't beat those leftovers!!!

The girls rescued the sweetest kitty. All fluffy and orange and white, we couldn't leave the poor baby out in the bitter cold and snow. It did not seem to have a home, so we have adopted it and the children named it "Pumpkin".

So, as visits go, it always has to come to an end, and they headed back to NY thru Canada and Mother Nature was kind and held back the storm we were supposed to have. They are home safe and sound and now their house is back to normal, 'til the next visit!
I went back to work to take my mind off the too quiet house and the snowman is what I did today. Made from quilt batting, with a embroidered and blushed face I made this one all shabby with handmade pink paper roses and faux snow and glitter to bring a bit of winter charm to the Christmas decor and then to enjoy 'til Spring.


Lilly, Hannah, Jack And Mama

"Pumpkin" Our New Addition with Allie, Hannah, Lilly and Jack. Aren't They All Adorable?????