Friday, May 18, 2012

Warm And Sunny Pink Saturday

Hello Friends....I hope your week was peaceful and perfect! Mine? It was good with a couple of small bumps. Such is life! Today we are having our weekly pink party, thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Hop over and find all the other wonderful ladies celebrating pink on their blogs....

*The heavenly flowers and glass vase are from my Texas family and sweet card from my NY daughter.... I hope your Mothers Day was all it should be. Mine was happy. It was just hubby and Miss A and myself. There were happy phone calls and I chose pizza for dinner, which our granddaughter treated me to...There was one little glitch, though. I went out to work in the gardens and enjoy the sunshine when I felt a sharp stab to my knee. It was p-a-i-n-f-u-l! I could not help but let out a yelp and dropping my hoe, I grabbed my jeans trying to squash whatever stung me and WHAM! I got stung again. Grabbing my pant legs harder I hobbled to the house only to find that hubby dearest had locked the back door. Our little neighbor boy, who is a clone of the little boy in Jerry McGuire, walked up the driveway to retrieve a ball that flew over the fence only to see me pounding on the door, ( I must have looked like a crazy lady hanging onto my jeans and banging on the door. I gave up the back door and hastily went to the front...IT WAS LOCKED, TOO! Finally, Hubby came downstairs. (I always leave both doors unlocked when I am working outside and made a point of unlocking the front door before I went out.) It was just automatic reflex that he locked the doors and I knew that, but I was not a happy camper at all and as I threw off my jeans to see my knee. I was rather was bright red and huge! The frozen penny was retrieved from the freezer with a sack of ice. My worry was that since I am diabetic, I could go into shock...I have never been allergic to stings, but there was that concern....well, to end this overly long tale, after an hour I was fine and went back to my gardening. There were two little holes side by side on my knee as if it had been a snake....when I got back to the garden there were a couple of yellow jackets with their legs dangling as they flew and then I knew...they will sting twice and a bee can not with his barbed stinger... So, that little incident was the excitement of my otherwise very happy Mothers Day!
Have a glorious week enjoying all that is blooming courtesy of Mother Nature. ♥ Jil
PS As I write this, a very happy robin is singing gayly by my window...the icing on a beautiful day!