Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little Tale Of Woe!

Computers!  Some days we can't live with them, but I know I can't live without one anymore, either!  lol!
I have been locked out of my blog for the last five days, but all is well, now, thanks to my Dell Support! Thanks guys!  I pay a lot for that service, but it keeps things going smoothly!
Have you ever done this...put a plant in the sink to give it a drink and let the water trickle on it for a bit?  Five minutes they say is how long you should do this.  Well, five minutes came and went as I forgot about the plant being busy cleaning the upstairs and also had a call from my son and even went downstairs to tell Mr. S. what son had to say.  So, a goodly amount of time went by until I walked into the bathroom and to my horror, the water was cascading over the sink and cabinet onto the floor which was mostly a lake by then.

I called Mr. S. and he came running and we began the process of dealing with this all afternoon mess, I might add!  The little bits and pieces of soil and other materials from the plant had clogged the sink and after we got past all that and everything decorative out of the bathroom, I went to mopping up. The water had filled the cabinet under the sink and as I was dealing with that, I kept getting drips from the two deep drawers.  I pulled the top one open that holds hubby's items and to my dismay!  it had at least three inches of water in it!  I then checked my drawer at the bottom and it too, had the same amount of water.  Mercy!  

I told myself I had been planning to clean the cabinet anyway,  so what better time than now.  All that positive talk was not working too well as I mopped and threw away everything from my hair curler set to many of his things.  I was at this all afternoon and all I can say is, I have the cleanest bathroom as a result of forgetting a plant getting a drink in the sink!
And that is my sad tale!  
Have I learned my lesson?  I hope so!

Hope your Sunday was much different than mine!
xo Jil

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Wind Is Howling And The Snow Is Blowing

Yes!  It is a true winter day!  The wind is bending the trees and the snowflakes are swirling around making the ground  look like someone with powdered sugar came along!   It is a good day to be in with the tea kettle softly whistling....It is a lazy day, but I managed to list this lovely vintage pedestal dish in a chintz design on the website  ...Oh!  it is so pretty and much prettier in person.  Chintz china is some of my favorites when it is in pinks and blues as this dish is ~

I can't believe where this day has gone and it's already time to start dinner! 

                        Do stop over to BEVERLY'S and visit lots of pretty blogs all about PINK!

Wishing you all a warm and cozy weekend!
♥ Jil

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hi Everyone!  So happy you could stop by our fun new party at Etsy Cottage Style called  "Vintage Cottage Style. "  We will be sharing our treasures from our junkin' trips to flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales and so on.  In my part of the country the yard sales won't start for a few months and I am so looking forward to getting back out there, too!  So, I browse the flea markets and the thrift stores and the antique stores, too, for now.
I am going to show you two beautiful and pristine pieces I found at an estate sale.  They were kind of hidden back behind some things, but I saw a bit of the gold trim and the green pattern.
I was thrilled when I uncovered this beautiful tureen and the lovely big platter ~
They go so well together, but the patterns are just slightly different.  The greens are the same.
I decided I was going to keep them and enjoy them for a bit and I did.  They were part of an arrangement on the dining table, but, I have so many pretty treasures and our home is quite petite, so I will be selling them, sigh!  :(
To Ta Loo For Now ~
See you next time with another "junkin treasure!"
Keep Warm And Cozy,
♥ Jil

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cuffs, Birdbaths And Other Things

I have been absent from blogging for a while with all the hustle and bustle of November and December.   Did you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year?  Are you all ready to start fresh and did you make reasonable promises to yourself?   Like everyone else, I wonder where 2012 went!

With the tree packed away for another year...sadly as I love my little tree.  I have mentioned before that we downsized in a very big way when we moved from our beloved Arizona to Michigan, so my tree is a 6' slimline.  Hubby spray painted it white, but not all white letting some of the green show through.  It was a very pretty pastel tree and pleased me greatly!  I had lots of glittery ribbon running back and forth and tucked back in among the branches and lots of ornaments that glittered, shimmered and was so satisfying!

And look what my talented partner, at the local antique store, made me for Christmas!  I will show you more details in a later post.  Isn't this a beautiful bird bath?  It will have a very special place in a revamped garden this spring ~

So, with the house put back together and clean and sparkly, I was ready to go back to work and here is what I have been doing....
I love the pretty cuff~bracelets and have been having fun making some.  They add so much to an outfit and I especially love them with the BoHo or Gypsy look!
This one would be perfect with a denim jacket, sweater and boots .....
And this one with so many different can see more details of these if you visit

Lots more pretty things to come from Marian and me, so don't be shy about visiting us!
xo Jil