Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello Pink Saturday

Hello sweet pink loving peeps! It is Pink Saturday already and you can find lots and lots of delicious pink blogs by visiting our beloved hostess Beverly Be sure and leave her a comment....she likes to know you have visited.

The mosaic, above, is a bit of what is finally going on in our yard....the Lily Of The Valley have their gorgeous full green leaves with stems of tiny closed white bells soon to open.....the lilacs have small tight clusters of purple and I think that within two weeks we will have their beauty and their heavenly that it looks like warm weather is here to stay for a bit, I will be off getting hanging baskets and lots and lots of bedding plants and enjoy sitting on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and a good book!

And here is what is happening on one corner of our front porch roof.....I hope I will be able to capture pictures of the little case you did not know, Robins can be vicious when they have young....I know by experience! We had one nest in a hanging basket and in order to water the flowers, a visiting granddaughter would madly wave the broom around to keep mama away.....Oh, the scolding that went on from the nearby tree and some dive bombing, anyway! I was glad to see that bunch fly away as there was no sitting on the porch during the little ones growing up!

And, Please remember, with prayers, the suffering of many with the horrific floods and the tornados and fires to say nothing of those out of work.....our country is in such a sad place right now!
Smiles and Hugs,