Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have to give Connie, our sweetheart of a hostess, a big basket of Thank You's for starting this fun Friday event! You can click on the badge to the left to go to all the other blogs having some good ole FrouFrou Fun! See you there!

My FrouFrou for this week is a china cake plate with matching dessert plates and other pieces of rosy china and faux cupcakes by moi and dainty slices of cake from Rhondas Rose Cottage....

Happy FrouFrou-ing!

Rosie The Snow Lady

Hello Everyone,

First, I want to thank all of you that have left me comments...I am slow to get to each of you because I got felled by blood pressure medicine this week. I am a high energy gal and this stuff slows me down so much that walking upstairs is an effort. I am working to get off of it as soon as I can, believe me!!! I haven't needed it for many years, but sometimes unhappy events, events that are other peoples decisions that impact my life, weigh unhappily and heavily on my mind. I try to let them go, but that is easier said than done and I wind up brooding about things I can do nothing about, sadly. It all winds up making me sick and questioning what my life has all been about...with prayer and positive thoughts I will get myself over this big mountain!

Creating has always been a cure for me and so this week, low energy or not, I made this little Snow Lady that I named can see more of her at my website. With her coal eyes twinkling and her carrot nose turned pink from the cold, she turned out awfully cute, don't you think?


Hope your day is full of sunshine!