Monday, May 30, 2011

Things That Have A Bit Of Sweet Yellow

I am late, late, late. We were away and when we returned it seems that there have just been many things to get caught up with.....this fun party is one of them.

Etsy Cottage Style has a Colors Of The Month Party going this year and I love to see what everyone has each month for that color. This month is the color of yellow. I love yellow as it makes so many colors "Pop", but I have to say I am a "yellow snob." It just has to be the right hue of yellow or I turn away and do not want anything to do with it..soft, barely there, buttery, better late than never, are some yellows I have.....

LADY MOUSE FROM THE BEATRICE POTTER COLLECTION..... I have had this well over thirty years....she has a bit of soft yellow on the skirt of her gown....

A bit of yellow in one of the dainy crocheted falling flowers....I have this since we lived in Blaine, WA. upteen years ago!

Beautiful handpainted of my favorites just because the yellow is that devine shade I love!

A sunflower frame with a darling and precious little granddaughter who is 16 now and horrors of horrors....driving! ( Have you noticed we worry as much about ours grands as we did and do about our own children? Thing is, we are not supposed to let this be known, though! lol )
Note the little terra cotta pot....when this darling girl was five years old, she already knew that her "Mo" loves flowers! When she lived close we would craft together and she cut shapes from paper and drew flowers on them and pasted them in the pot. She gave me the little pot and told me, "Now you will always have flowers." Believe me words were hard to find for this sweetest of sweet thoughts and the cleverness of it all. Love you precious Allie!

And lastly...some pretty hankies that can be found in my Etsy Shop....

Enjoy and have a wonderful day!!