Friday, March 25, 2011

Chilly Pink Saturday

Hello All....Wherever you are I hope it is not as cold as it is here. Brrrr! It is almost April and last night it got down to 9 degrees and the high today, so far, has not made it to 30! The less than one inch of snow of the first of the week turned out to be more like four and it is frozen to the ground and trees. Even though tulips and other spring flowers seem to be hardy, I wonder what this frozen snow is doing to them! Some were up about six inches ....Oh, where is Spring and some warm air????

But to happier matters....this is Saturday and you all know what that means! We are celebrating our favorite color, PINK, with Beverly . Be sure and run over to see all the wonderful blogs taking part....

I feel kind of lacking in pink this week to show you, but I did these three little "egg" bunnies and they come in this very pink wire basket...They turned out pretty cute and they sit by themselves, too. You can see more views of them at My Website

And, then while I was at it, I made three more that I listed individually on My Etsy

This is one of them....

I am keeping the noble people of Japan in my daily prayers and I hope you will join me....they are now fearing a serious breach in the reactors that could spill uncontrolled amounts of horrific on top of all they are having to deal with! And then there was another good jolt in the ground in Myanmar which took lives....

I was saddened too, this week, by the passing of one my all time favorite actresses...Elizabeth Taylor. I have read that she had suffered great pain for some time and while I will miss her, I am happy she is now painfree and in a peaceful place.

Lets hope that next weeks news will be a bit cheerier!
Happy Pink Saturday!