Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After The Storm....

This was quite the day.....
First a doctors appointment...never fun! Five weeks ago I had an EKG and the doctor saw an abnormality and so I had to have a stress test..Yuck! I thought of not doing it, and I thought that was not fair to myself or my family so for three weeks before the test I tried to get myself in shape by fast walking two miles each night, hot and steamy or not! I am not sure it helped me on the treadmill as it was set on an incline and it did not move at a pace I would have liked! I made it through, though, huffing and puffing....lol! This test involved the dye and the imaging and was three hours long!
Today, the doctor came in smiling and handed me the report saying I was just fine....not a thing wrong. Well, I tried to tell him that in the first place! Really, I did! I hadn't been worried, but it is always nice to get good news!

And, the doctor handed Mr.S his report from his CT Scan on his neck....it, too, was a thumbs up! (With all of the skin cancer surgeries he has had, he wanted to be sure the huskiness of his voice was not due to something more serious than allergies.) So, this has been a day full of sweet blessings!

After the doctor it was errands and hubs was with me as he had to stop at Lowes for a new garage door opener. We almost did not get the van out of the garage this morning! :( Then to the store and then to the farmers market for fresh homegrown tomatoes and corn and Michigan peaches....I say this every year,....you have not eaten a peach until you have eaten a Michigan peach!

As I was putting the groceries away, Mr. S was working on the garage door opener only to find the one he purchased was not for our door, so after dinner, off we went again to get one compatible with ours....when we left home we saw that a shower was brewing, heard the ocassional thunder and thought nothing of it and went on. When we arrived at Lowe's we saw that it was more than just a little shower, but you know men, and on we went into the store. Shortly, the lightening and thunder began crashing and the rain, well, it was a mega burst for sure....I wandered around looking at Orchids and hubs sat with others in the lawn furniture until it abated enough for us to dash to the car. Once home, it stopped and then it started up again with the sun shinning and I knew that somewhere I would see a rainbow....
I remember my Mom telling me once, that the rainbow was the sign of good things....well, good things did happen today and so very thankful I am. This time we were lucky!

Wishing you all many blessings and beautiful rainbows,