Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello Sweet Peeps....I am joining the monthly blog Colors party at ETSY COTTAGE STYLE and I hope you will come join me by clicking on the link and visiting all the blogs showing their "whites" this month.....this is the month for brides and beautiful weddings, so it just had to be a "white" month.

It has been so cool, cloudy and even rainy here that I don't have much in my garden. Nothing is really interested in growing or blooming. I have lots of green and my Eden roses had their first gorgeous blooming but nothing white.....yet. So, I took my camera inside and shot a few of my inside whites....I use white and wood as I think they compliment each other and keep it from getting boring. I love colors, especially soft pretty pastel colors and white is a perfect backdrop for them...I admit to a love of red and blue, too, and use the stronger colors mostly the kitchen, I just have to sneak some in. lol!

Have a beautiful day and have fun wandering through our "whites!" Here are some of mine:
The first picture, above, is one of the guest rooms and where my computer is. I love all the comfy pillows and this is "my reading spot". Those two pillows in front are 20 years old!!! I could not believe it when I figured back to when I purchased them in Prescott, Arizona. They are by Waverly and were very expensive which goes to show you get what you pay for. They are made of polished cotton and have wide eyelet ruffles....the pillows behind them mostly have vintage cases....

I love this white picket fence holds sweet olden baby shoes in black and other mementos.....I did the watermelon slice years ago.....sold hundreds of them it seems at shows...

A darling and very old little shelf above and another of my "picket" shelves, below....note the pretty white and glass terrarium...inside, it has the daintiest little wrens nest...all the twigs as fine as thread. One of my darling granddaughters, Miss Allie, found it and saved it for me a few years ago. I found a Robins egg that was mostly intact and it gently rests in that little nest....It is one of my favorite possessions!

A wall of white and olden plates with white backgrounds, a part of my olde Kitchen Hoosier and a beautiful spoon rack painted by Celestina Marie....Isn't it a beauty?

And, my last picture is of the dining which is mostly white with white lace curtains and swag valances...only a maple corner cupboard that was my Mom's, a grandfaher clock and my olde Singer sewing machine cabinet and an lovely olde oak chair were not painted....I am still debating on the corner cupboard...
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Bye For Now....
Smiles and Hugs,