Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello and WELCOME to Pink Saturday...If you click here, and go to
Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... you will find lots "pinkies" to visit today! Thank you, Beverly for providing this fun day for us!

The Vanity Bottles and Pin Cushion can be seen at
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This week flew a blur! Are you sure it is not Wednesday? That is what it feels like... lol! Don't you just hate it when your clock somehow, gets off???

Well, I did manage to get a couple of things made this week, but that was about it. Me, who is always so organized, I think....smiles..was anything but. I just have to get myself back under control!! :-)
the cold is here and the wind is howling around the corners and I look out and see my roses that need to be made ready for winter, as well as all my other gardens, and wonder how I will do it in 30 degree weather. Brrrrr! The trees are dressed in their pretty colors, so soft and pastel this year, but most are still green and confused....spring was so late we never thought they would ever get green and bushy and then here came the cold..actually, it never did ever really warm up..and they say snow flurries tomorrow.....I am not ready for this...
So, I wish you cozy fires and mugs of tea and lots of happiness, giggles..and organization!

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The last two awards I award to all my old and new friends. Thank you for your wonderful comments that make my day so happy! I have met some amazingly talented and nice ladies! What a blessing!

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