Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hi Everyone......I am up early to get this posted.....I could not get to it yesterday as we are dealing with a serious family issue and it makes concentration on anything else difficult!! I am sure you can all sometime or other!

A nice neighbor came over with these roses this week....they have such a lovely fragrance and they are PINK! A couple of mornings later I woke up an explosion of pink petals and thought it looked so pretty I took a picture to share....

I had several Peony blooms this year....usually I don't get any or only one or two...but those naughty black squirrels we have, here, ate off all the bloom heads except two. This is one of the two! You do not know how frustrated I get at those creatures! They bite off the heads, open them up and leave a pile of tiny pink petals just to get me. Just like what they did with many of the tulip buds. Uggggggg!

A little Pin Cushion you can see at my EBAY auctions along with other "Pretties" in PINK some of which are below.....One in BLUE, too...

These beautiful handpainted porcelain buttons were a gift from my friend Kate of

If you are not familiar with this lovely Boutique, you will quickly fall in love once there....don't forget to Bookmark her site so you can go back often!

Thank you for visiting this beautiful PINK SATURDAY and have fun roaming thru all the other delectable pinkie blogs thanks to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound...

Hugs To All....Jil

Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi everyone and Happy Pink Saturday....Thank You Beverly of How Sweet The Sound, for hosting this for us each Saturday! You certainly should get a Pinkalicious Award for your sweet dedication to all of us!

As you can see, I am painting up a storm...well, almost..
This is my beloved, very large, pie safe that came from an old hotel in Vancouver, B. C.,Canada. I have had it for a very long time.....I found it in an old barn with tall weeds growing around it. Oh was such a mess and dirty, too!!
It was owned by an antique dealer in Blaine, Wa. He gave me the history of it, and he was the one that retrieved it from the old hotel they were tearing down. It is so heavy four men have to carry it! It's as bad as moving a piano!! We got it home and I painted it a soft cream. Well, the cream is gone now, and this beautiful white has made it seem like a new piece of furniture and I get a happy smile :-) every time I pass by it! Can you believe that I have been wanting to get it repainted for FOUR years????

~I took all my china and stemware out and into the dishwasher it all went. The vintage linens into a gentle soak and everything else hand washed so, everything was freshly ironed and clean to put back into the cupboard.~

~My "Blue" Collection on the top~

While I had the can of paint open I ran upstairs to get this, once green, cute shelf to make it white too...what a difference some paint can make!!!
Finished, Below~~

And, to the horror of my hubby, I took the brush on a little break from the Pie Safe and started my Hoosier Cabinet so I am forced to finish it and I hope to this weekend, but I had to quit for a bit and work on some pink for eBay and here is some of what I have been doing.....~

Pretty pin cushion pins~~

A sweet pillow

And another pretty pillow as well as a pair of darling lavender filled hanging "booties" that will just look cute hanging almost anywhere, and two collectible pin cushions.....that can be viewed on EBAY

This cutie is made with a darling Mary Engelbreit fabric, a sweet little Scottie and lots of handmade ribbon roses...The three roses with the pearl centers, are my "Pretty Pins" that come with it.

A cute summer bag that can be found in my Etsy Shop AnniesShabbyAttic
So you, see, I have been busy.....
I am so glad you came by....I love reading all the comments!
Have a happy week!!!......Jil

~Happy 13th Birthday Sweet Lauren~

After passing, with flying colors, her gun safety course, she loves to go hunting with her family and this is her first Javelina.....WOW!!

Lauren and her, dear to my heart, family

My son has always, and I mean always, loved the outdoors and hunting. Gun safety is his number one priority and the children learn from day one. He is a well known guide in the West. Lauren's Mom is also a hunter and has her prize Elk in the Boone And Crocket book of hunting records. Lauren, I am happy to say, is growing up in a wonderful, and much to be envied, environment of learning to handle herself in the out of doors, something that could save her life one day, as well as bring many hours of fun.

Lauren is a sweet and gentle girl with a heart of gold. Like all my grandchildren, she is on the honor roll and very smart and pretty! She has an amazing talent in art and with water colors, but she loves to work in all mediums. Art is her big love. She loves color and it will be so interesting to watch her evolve and grow in her art. Do you suppose I will be a Grandma to a famous designer?????

Before we moved to Michigan, I used to take care of her and believe me, I loved every minute of it! She was always a happy baby and a precious little girl and now she is a TEENAGER!

I asked her about her birthday cake and how it was decorated. Well, she has a undecorated cake and she and her girl friends will decorate it as they did on her last birthday. I thought that was pretty cool! I asked her to be sure and send me a picture and if she remembers, I will post it here!!

Look out world, here comes Miss Lauren and her little Doxie Dog, Roxie!!

Mo and Pa love you Sweet Lauren, all the way to the moon and back! Wish we were there to sing Happy Birthday to you and eat a piece of cake with you!
Kisses and Hugs,
Mo & Pa