Friday, October 26, 2012

All week I have pondered what to write about the torment  of breast cancer.  I do not have it in my family, I have been blessed, although I know it can come out of the blue.  Two people, a close friend and an acquaintance, have gone through the misery of the treatments to beat it....both, I am happy to say, are.
My one wish is simple, I pray that a cure is found and quickly.  That there will be no more grief, pain and suffering.  My heartfelt prayers go to those brave women that are in the battle to survive and those that did not.  May God Bless them and their brave families, which are also in this battle with them!

Please go to  BEVERLY of How Sweet The Sound, and visit all the other blogs involved in the Pink Saturday post on Breast Cancer.  And, lets each say a prayer for a cure.

Many Blessings to each of you,
Jil ♥

Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Fall Y'All! ♥
Here are pictures for our Pink Saturday tour of fall flowers, pumpkins and foliage.
**Click on all the pictures to make them larger**
We call this "Thelma's Tree" after the sweet lady that lived there.  She passed a few years ago and a new family lives in her little Saltbox Cottage, but to us it is still Thelma's!  I love how there are little bursts of color among the green...
And at our Farmers Market some of the pumpkins and corn stalks in their nursery...

This lovely pot of yellow Mums was a gift from a dear neighbor! She is so thoughtful and sweet!  Thank You, Pat! xo

Foxglove that I had cut back, but we have two new blooms in our mild Fall weather!

White Geraniums still happily blooming!

Our bright pink Clematis is still blooming away against an old door attached to an older table by the garage garden...

And for my last picture, one sweet little pink blooming among the peonies that I must get out and cut back.  The rocks are from our Arizona/Texas trip....I had the car so full of beautiful rocks of all sizes that hubby had to finally tell me enough as we don't drive a pickup and there are tires to consider.  lol!  How I love my Arizona rocks!
Well, these are my pictures of what is going on in our part of Michigan!  So far it has been a lovely fall!
Hop on over to BEVERLY  to visit with all the ladies loving pink and fall to enjoy all of their pictures!
Hugs to all....

Friday, October 12, 2012

It has been so hard to give up Summer!  I think Mother Nature knows this and so she gives us some fun called Halloween.  You can find this vintage Jack-o-Lantern at  CottonCreekCottage  on Etsy
And along with the fun she gives us glorious colors as the trees get ready for their winter slumber.
And inside, I have done a little bit of decorating for us to enjoy.
The darling little votive lamp is a from my daughter a few years back ~
Chenille pumpkins from my good friends shop in California several years ago ~
And this cutie is made from a coconut that was carefully hollowed out.  Miss A. one of our granddaughters gave this to a few years back when they were visiting a pumpkin patch and the owner gave it to is one of my favorites because it is so unusual.

This is my bit of pumpkin sharing and now I am going to go to visit BEVERLY   to enjoy all the blogs celebrating pink and Fall!  Hope to see you there!
♥ Jil

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm late, I'm late!  I can't remember the rest of the words, lol! Today has been such a rush and so was yesterday!  Tomorrow?  I am not doing anything but sewing!  Well, that is my goal, but we shall see!
Here are my pinks for this Pink Saturday ~

Isn't this just the prettiest trivet?  I found this on our trip through Canada for things for my booth in the antique store or our website, but I can not part with it...ever!  lol!
Aren't these sweet?  And, they are in pristine condition and very usable!  I don't know about you all, but I love pretty pot holders and towels.

This is such a pretty tablecloth.  I have it, as well as everything other then the trivet, on our website
but it is really hard for me not to keep it.  I am not sure I am in the right!
A pretty new pillow and a darling new bag ~

And dear little hearts to fill a bowl or hang as ornaments ~
Well, these are my pinks for this week and now I am going off to see yours!    Be sure to go to BEVERLY    to visit all the Pink Saturday gals and their sweet pinks!

Are you enjoying lots of lovely colors where you live?  I am blown away with the colors here.  I did not expect them with the lack of rain....I will be posting a few pretty pictures next post~
Happy Pink Saturday!
♥ Jil

Friday, September 14, 2012

Raindrops And Roses

Hello Sweet Friends,
I have not participated in Pink Saturday for a very long time!  With all that summer has to offer and family visits it seems there just was no  blogging time.  This was a different kind of summer and one I will always remember and keep close to my heart!  Now, it is time to rein in my lazy ways and get back to work!

With a booth in the newly opened antique store on the main street of Port Huron called Forever Classic, I am busy keeping it full!  I am blessed to have a wonderful partner/friend that has the same vision,  so we work well together.  We have been open three months and have been doing so well that my partner has taken another booth with her sister....I have found that it is almost a full time job looking for quality pieces that go with our Cottage theme and to keep The Ruffled Rose full as well ~ ~ ~

This collection of Johnson Bros. SnowWhite Roses is also being offered on our website The Ruffled Rose along with the lovely pieces below ~ ~ ~

Now it is time to run over to visit < BEVERLY and visit with all the lovely blogs celebrating PINK!  I am so happy you came by to say "Hi."
Smiles & Hugs,
Jil ♥

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To Blogging ♥

Hello Friends....It has been quite a while since I posted!  Life has been full to overflowing!   It has been a hot and dry summer with the lawn and gardens not looking too perky and I know we are not alone.  The country is thirty for rain!

This little creek bed, bordered with rocks from my beloved Arizona and Texas, ran full with a rare day of rain in July ~

Our little cottage/bungalow has been jumping with grandchildren and the friends they have found here.  The branches of the trees are bouncing with little boys climbing, bikes were parked around the front walk and the sounds of happy children made my heart feel a sweet contentment!  Such a happy time! ( I always loved summer vacation with my own children home.  Their voices  and their comings and goings.  It was  always a sad day for me when it was time for them to go back to school ! )

Now it is time to seriously go back to work as all the family has returned home and I hope with happy memories!  Oh, I worked this summer, just not at my usual pace.  I lazed on the porch and enjoyed family and actually got caught up with my magazines!  And, with a friend opened a booth in a new and booming antique store, here in town.  I will be adding pictures from our space from time to time.

 Below is a tea cozy I fashioned from a vintage linen with one of my favorite Southern Belles....
And another ~ I just love these sweet olden ladies, don't you?
Pears ripening in the sun.
  These are from a generous neighbor and they are soooo delicious and were never sprayed with pesticides, so no worries when we bite into one.  Isn't that nice!
I just wanted to say "Hi" and hope that you will stop back to visit often as I will be blogging much more often!
And, I want to invite you all to stop by
and see what is new and sign up for our brand new news letter that will tell of our give a ways, new items and our sales.
Have a wonderful week and God Bless!
♥ Jil

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lamp Redo

Hello Ladies....I found this sitting in a yard for $5.00.  SOLD!  I just had to show you!
I could not wait to get it to the car and home as I could see it all white and with a pretty did not have this shade on it, it had this one....
which I love....It is silk, but sadly was very dirty and had a rip.....I love the simple style of it. The elegant little way they trimmed the edges.
I have never tried making a lamp shade, ( That will be a future project ) so I brought out one I had is a pretty taupe with faded cream and pink roses.... 
And here it is all white and Cottage perfect....
I am, with a friend, opening up a booth next week, at a new antique and craft mall in downtown Port Huron....this lamp will not be for sale, but will add a soft light to our booth....When I find another lamp to redo, this one is coming home to mama!!!
Oh and the bonus....the lamp worked perfectly.  That was the first thing hubby checked and I never even thought of!  So good that I have this man!

Have a wonderful and happy day!  Hope you are creating away!
♥ Jil

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday♥Pink Saturday

Happy Happy 4th Pink Saturday, all passionate about pink, friends!  I have to thank Beverly for this fun weekly get together as I have met so many lovely ladies and admired and been awe of their creative and beautiful blogs.  Without this venue, I would never have met all of you!

I have laughed and sometimes cried with you and found so many of you to be gifted writers, something I greatly has been an amazing adventure and all thanks to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound....thank you, thank you sweet friend, for all you do for us.  You are an amazing lady!
♥ Jil

Friday, May 18, 2012

Warm And Sunny Pink Saturday

Hello Friends....I hope your week was peaceful and perfect! Mine? It was good with a couple of small bumps. Such is life! Today we are having our weekly pink party, thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Hop over and find all the other wonderful ladies celebrating pink on their blogs....

*The heavenly flowers and glass vase are from my Texas family and sweet card from my NY daughter.... I hope your Mothers Day was all it should be. Mine was happy. It was just hubby and Miss A and myself. There were happy phone calls and I chose pizza for dinner, which our granddaughter treated me to...There was one little glitch, though. I went out to work in the gardens and enjoy the sunshine when I felt a sharp stab to my knee. It was p-a-i-n-f-u-l! I could not help but let out a yelp and dropping my hoe, I grabbed my jeans trying to squash whatever stung me and WHAM! I got stung again. Grabbing my pant legs harder I hobbled to the house only to find that hubby dearest had locked the back door. Our little neighbor boy, who is a clone of the little boy in Jerry McGuire, walked up the driveway to retrieve a ball that flew over the fence only to see me pounding on the door, ( I must have looked like a crazy lady hanging onto my jeans and banging on the door. I gave up the back door and hastily went to the front...IT WAS LOCKED, TOO! Finally, Hubby came downstairs. (I always leave both doors unlocked when I am working outside and made a point of unlocking the front door before I went out.) It was just automatic reflex that he locked the doors and I knew that, but I was not a happy camper at all and as I threw off my jeans to see my knee. I was rather was bright red and huge! The frozen penny was retrieved from the freezer with a sack of ice. My worry was that since I am diabetic, I could go into shock...I have never been allergic to stings, but there was that concern....well, to end this overly long tale, after an hour I was fine and went back to my gardening. There were two little holes side by side on my knee as if it had been a snake....when I got back to the garden there were a couple of yellow jackets with their legs dangling as they flew and then I knew...they will sting twice and a bee can not with his barbed stinger... So, that little incident was the excitement of my otherwise very happy Mothers Day!
Have a glorious week enjoying all that is blooming courtesy of Mother Nature. ♥ Jil
PS As I write this, a very happy robin is singing gayly by my window...the icing on a beautiful day!

Monday, April 30, 2012

What Not Party~You Are Invited ♥

=We at ETSY COTTAGE STYLE  are having a party....a party of our "what-nots."  This party is a surprise party as we have an extra Monday this month.....I hope we will find a way to have this party from time to time because I think it is so much fun to see others treasures....I have many "what nots", but I am just showing you my very olde Hoosier cabinet and what is on it at the moment.  *It is one of my lifes pleasures to arrange and rearrage from time to time.*

I am just sharing this little bit of my little treasures as I have showed all of my what nots at some time or other.....

This is a part of a Robins Egg from last year, sitting in the daintiest little nest our granddaughter Miss Allie found in her NY yard a few years ago and saved for me.....Bless her!  I love it, it is such a treasure just like her....
My spoon rack painted by our Celestina Marie
The top of the Hoosier Cabinet.  The pitcher with four china glasses a gift from my husband for our tenth anniversary and found in Prescott, AZ.
The card, behind the china, of Madonna and Child is a Christmas card from our youngest daughter....I love it and I love it there as I can see it when I sit and read in my favorite chair...
My condiment stand, another anniversary gift and it came from Washington state, when we were living there...

Miss Allie when she was very little in a sunflower frame with a petite teapot that is an artichoke..
I got this with a carrot teapot from my dear friend at her shop in Brawley, CA. I will show them on another post together....

This little clay pot, sitting by Allie in the sunflower frame was made by her one day when she about five  *she is now 17*  She knew even then, how I love flowers and so with her own ingenuity she got my craft glue and her drawing paper and this little pot and went to creating...When she handed it to me she said, "Now you will always have a flower to look at."  Priceless and so dear to my heart!  What better "what not" is this?

So, this is my what not share for today and I do hope we have another of these parties one day!
Hugs and Smiles
Jil ♥

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Pink Loving Friends!  Did you all have a marvelous week?  Did you create all you wanted to?  For me this week, once again, just flew by.  With our darling Miss Allie here, things are busy and I like it that way!  When she goes home, June 9th, coming back to this empty house minus her sweet presence will be tough!  No more happily running here and there, no more of her music (which she is very polite about and keeps low, although I keep telling her to turn it up ), her giggles and her smiles, washing and folding her clothes, wondering what she is craving for dinner.....No doubt about it, so I am readying my mind for this not so happy time, but feel soooo blessed for this very special time with her and....we still have several weeks to enjoy! All we want is for her happiness as she has had far too many bumps, unnecessary bumps already in her young life from a very early age. Acts I am afraid I can never forgive, or understand! />
Beverly is our so nice hostess of our Pink Saturday go over and say "Hi" to her and find all the other "girls" that love pink! My PINK begins with a few of the roses I am making for an order of cookies, cupcakes and cake nice to wake up to an order!!! ;)  
And more roses, this time in fabric, that I am creating for a project which I will share when I have it completed....
This morning I was in my closet and my eye fell on this robe....I have had it well over twenty years and found it at Nordstroms in San Diego, when we lived there. Sigh!
I used this robe in summer and I love the details...two small buttons together then a space then more buttons down the front, open work, dainty pink satin piping, lace, a big ruffle at the bottom and at the can't help buy feel feminine and special when wearing this pretty robe! I am going to give it a soak and iron it all pretty and go back to wearing it this won't be long until it will be "vintage", like it's owner. lol!
Bye For Now... Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead and we will talk soon! Many Happy Blessings! ♥ Jil