Friday, September 19, 2014

Hello, Again

Hello All ~
I haven't blogged in ever so long, but I saw Beverly's invitation to join in "Pink Saturday" and thought since I had a moment, I would!

How have you all been?

I am about the same, busy, busy, busy, but there have been changes.  My husband is battling memory loss and while he is healthy and active, it is a frustrating and depressing thing for us both.  This is a very intelligent, thoughtful, kind  man who is known not just for being calm and down to earth, but just how plain smart he is. How intuitive with such an inquiring mind!  A wonderful husband and father.  This disease is tragic!! We are hoping the meds and coconut oil every day will keep it from progressing or progressing too quickly.  We know it is in God's hands.

This has been such a cool spring and summer after a brutal winter, here in Michigan.  With reports of another bad one ahead of us we are planning to perhaps, escape this one ~

The complete running of the house keeps me super busy.  We both tend to the yard and gardens.  I just came in from planting more pink tulips and hope the squirrels will leaven them be.  lol!  I keep busy with my website, The Ruffled Rose and my Etsy Shop, AnniesShabbyAttic  Here are a few pictures ~
New at The Ruffled Rose ~  A sweet Southern Belle Pillow
I different style of pink pumpkin
A pretty 4" faux cookie ~  I  need to get busy and make many more as most are gone!
A pretty piece of vintage china ~
I am adding several new things a week, so I invite you to come browse!

And a couple of items form AnniesShabbyAttic
 Beautiful, hand-painted vintage "post" buttons ~ and below, a darling vintage hanging bag for laundry or clothespins ~

I am off now to go blog hop all the pretty pink-a-licious blogs at Beverly's
Talk soon!
Wishing you beautiful days!
♥ Jil