Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Happy Birthday, Dear Lilly Lu~

This is my darling granddaughter, Lilly Katherine, that turned ten on June 2nd. I am very remiss in not getting this on much sooner....these days just seem to fly by in a blur with me missing some very important this one. I got sidetracked looking for a really good picture of this exceptionally pretty little girl, and then who knows what else...
I am sorry I am late with this post, sweetie, but you know how much your "Mo" loves you!!!!!
This little gal is not only a beauty, she is my Tom Boy granddaughter. I know you can't believe this looking at her, but she is as at home in a pretty party dress as she is up a tree with the boys!
She is an honor student with a sweet, pretty singing voice and she likes to be in plays and was in The King And I. She is a fierce competitor in soccer as well as in softball, basketball, and she swims like a little fish!
She is lots of fun, smiles alot and has the sweetest giggle and is VERY ticklish!! We miss living close to her as we once did and we cherish the time we get to spend with this loving beautiful ten year old!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lilly, you are sooooooo special and you bring so much sunshine to your Mo and Pa!
Lots of Love, Big Hugs, And Kisses