Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Pink Saturday Friends......I hope this was a great week for you and you are ready to stroll through all the sweet pink blogs. You know to run over to Beverly's to find everyone....Be sure and leave her a comment so she knows how much you appreciate this event! I know I do! Thank you, Beverly!

Another quiet week. Nothing wrong with that!! A little yard work, a little painting, a little sewing. Just a little of this and that. And, quite a few little naps. Mid afternoon rolls around and I find I have heavy eyes that a little shut eye takes care of. Do you suppose it is "Fall Fever?" lol! :-) With Christmas coming I am going to have to really step up my working and my cutting table is stacked with patterns and the fabrics I will be painting table is ready and waiting.

I have been working on spoons and have some listed on my WEBSITE Here is one of them. The pretty spoon rack it is hanging in was done by Celestina Marie and, of course, is not for sale. I will never part with it and in time it will go to one of my Texas granddaughters, Jacquelynn along with part of my collection of pretty and unusual silver spoons. Many belonged to my grandmother on my dad's side of the family.

Some of my Zinnias. Somehow, I only purchased seeds for the petite Zinnias. I love them, but I wanted some of the luscious big ones, too. I will have to be more careful in reading the seed packets next year! I was late in planting them because of our chilly and rainy spring, but they are in glorious bloom now! Along with the Morning Glory's!

Aren't these laces pretty all piled on one another? It is a little stack of beautiful vintage Southern Belle runners that I am deciding what to do with....

I hope you had a nice little visit....I am now off to make my Pink Saturday rounds!
Happy Pink Saturday my sweet friends!
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