Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Instead Of Planting Tulips.....

~SOLD~ :-)
I got up this morning and could tell by the temperature in the house that it was not quite as chilly as it has been. I fixed the coffee and poured a cup and as I looked out to the back yard I thought it would be a perfect day to plant some of the many bags of tulips and daffodils I have accumulated....but, I had started a little pillow with an image of a child that I find irresistible and instead, went back and finished her....the bulbs will have to wait for another warm day. I know that is chancy at this time of the year! :)
I am pleased with how she turned out....her wide and flouncy ruffle is vintage eyelet I found at that amazing antique store in Oklahome....boy do I want to get back there! Anyway, if you would like to see more of her, she is listed in my ETSY SHOP and I would love for you to visit!
Have a cozy evening!