Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello and Welcome, pink loving friends....
This is our day to have fun visiting each other and enjoying all things PINK! You know that if you go and visit our dear hostess Beverly you will find all the sweet pink blogs to visit.

I just had to show you these pretty dried roses...I was so delighted with how they turned out....I picked up a bouquet of lovely white roses at our grocery store about a month ago...they have a marvelous selection of fresh roses as well as other pretty flowers and I can always find something perfect to suit my mood and without breaking the bank. They lasted several days and when I went to remove the roses that I thought were wilting, I discovered that instead of wilting, they were drying on their own.

So, I just freshened the water and left them alone. One by one they each dried so prettily and I saved them all and divided them in pretty bouquets, tied a pretty bow of sheer soft white ribbon around each bunch and scattered them about in several rooms....They are in such good condition, that I may put them in a wreath....many years ago I did so much with dried flowers, growing many and getting them from the gardens in California and turning them into all kinds of pretty accents from wreaths to bouquets. These roses make me think I just might want to do that again...

Sometimes the roses will do this and other times they just fade away and drop their petals. Weren't they a pretty and unexpected "gift?"

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'Til next Saturday...Have a happy week!

PS Here is my newest, just finished pillow that you can see more of on my Website