Friday, September 25, 2009

A big "Hi" with a hug and WELCOME!
I want to invite you to stop by next Saturday to see my newly revamped blog. Debbie of All In My Cottage...the link is on the side bar, does beautiful designs and always makes me happy! She knows I get restless and have to change things every now and then. I haven't seen it yet either, so it will be a big surprise for us all.

She is, also, designing a new blog for me to sell from, "Adrianna's Boutique" and I will be having give-aways and little creating tips, too. When it is ready I will let you all know.

Many years ago when we lived in Manassas, Va. I was crazy about trunks. One of the ones I purchased there, with the plan to refurbish it, had many ladies magazines, from long ago, in the bottom. I was so excited, even tho many had corners nibbled by the house mouse and they weren't in the greatest conditon, I thought they were a great treasure. I was thrilled, and this is the cover from one of them. I am captivated by the image and soft pretty colors and will try with Adobe Photo Shop to clean it up a bit and then it will become something pretty....maybe on a vintage box.....or????

I love the illustrations of the early 1900's. They have such a charm about them and reflect the gentler side of life, something I think we all yearn for today. And, don't they look happy, too?

This is a little pin cushion I had fun making this week.....I didn't spend too much time creating as I was too excited to have our son here. Do you see the little bear winking at you? Can you guess her secret?

And....Another Door Charmer with a darling Frances Brundage Image which I named "Lilly" after my ten year old granddaughter...when she was a toddler she could have posed for this portrait and she is a little beauty today! And the picture of the cute little blond boy? Well, that is the son that visited this week, when he was about 7 years old!

These two items can be seen on < EBAY >

A big Thank You to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... for no matter what, being our host for our fun PINK SATURDAYS! Be sure and visit her for this weeks list of pink ladies to visit.

Thank you for coming for a Saturday don't know how I look forward to reading comments from you all!
AND....don't forget to come by, next Saturday, to see my new look...