Friday, October 23, 2009

~ Pink Saturday And The Pink Poodle Rule.....~

Hello Pink Saturday friends and Welcome.....I hope you had a great week and are having fun visiting all the pink and wonderful blogs that Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... so charmingly hosts for us! Thank You! Beverly! Be sure and visit her to get the list of pinks to visit.

Pink Saturday is a day of relaxed fun traveling thru marvelous pink blogs, but with this weeks tragedy of two little girls, abducted, sexually assaulted and then senselessly killed we mustn't go on with our fun without first remembering them. And, we must become aware of this growing problem we have and be more watchful and careful with our children and grandchildren!.....

Two in one week! Somer Thompson, seven years old and thrown in a dump....another little nine year old girl I heard about on tonight's evening news. They have a teenager in custody.

I am hoping that you will all stop and say a prayer for these children and their mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and all that such a violent and evil act touches.

Gerraldo, on FOX news came up with a good rule...The Pink Poodle Rule...if you wouldn't let your dog do it ....don't let your children do it....he is referring to allowing them to walk home from school or being out in general without adult supervision and caring as much for your children as you do your dogs.

I wonder why this crime happens so often and why we have so many sex offenders...lax laws and over crowded prisons? These sex offenders, and there were 151 in a five mile radius of little Somer Thompsons home, should NEVER, and I mean NEVER, be released back into society. Once that evil act is done, I simply do not buy into the fact that they can be does one really know if they are? If that tendency remains in their minds and hearts, we can not take a chance with our precious children. Children depend on us to keep them safe and we have an obligation to make sure they are!

You are taking a chance every time you let your child walk alone to and from school or out in the yard to play unsupervised. Have you checked on your computers to see how many sex offenders are in your area? I have and I was shocked. When the grandchildren come and want to ride scooters or play outside, one of us is always on the porch and if they want to go around the corner and up the block....we walk there, too. I am not hysterical about this, I am just aware and react to the facts and will take no chances. I love my grandchildren with all my heart and in my care they will be safe. I can not stand the thought of anyone harming a hair on their precious heads. What will it take to wake up parents and the public to this very real problem in our society?

I know our prisons are over crowded....I know most states are having a difficult time....There are lots of empty buildings now and perhaps each state should have compounds for them to live out their lives in. Or, an ankle bracelet for life, but the best idea is to have each that is found guilty, if's buts or maybe's! Their rights you are thinking? They lost their rights the minute they touched a child. The horror, the terror these little people go thru, their Mommies and Daddies not there to rescue them.....something must be done!

I am concerned that the public has become desensitized about this, we hear it on the news, feel sad for a moment and then go on with our lives, for what can we really do about it...We have become uncaring on so many levels...I wish I were younger with tons of energy and knew how to start a campaign such as the Mother that started MADD.....something must be done so these children did not die in vain and the perpetrators out there will think twice before doing their evil deeds ever again!

Lets make it The Pink Poodle Rule! Lets Pass the Pink Poodle Rule On! Spread the word!

And back to our special day and a bit of pink....
While going thru a dresser drawer this week I pulled out this silk and very pink bandana style scarf....something from living in Arizona. I put three cookie ornaments in a softer pink, on top....and VOILA! here is my pink for this week!

Thank you for visiting and please be watchful for children walking or playing out alone and call 911, and look for details, like a license number, if you see anything wrong might save a child! And, don't forget the Pink Poodle Rule!

Hugs, Jil

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