Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning And Creating

The weather doesn't say Spring, but my internal clock says it is time for some spring cleaning and that is just what I have been doing. It is kind of a good thing the weather is too cold with snow on the ground to even consider any gardening. When the weather does decide to play nice, I will be all ready to go out and do some work in the yard knowing the inside chores will be done and that monkey on my back will not be there! After months inside, you can't begin to imagine, what a pleasure that will be!!! Ahh...fresh air and sunshine, sitting on the porch with some sweet tea and thunderstorms....I can hardly wait! And, taking some much needed walks....I hate to say it, but this winter put a little weight where I do not need it!!! I have even purchased, in anticipation, some of those new shoes to work your legs, butt and tummy....

Besides cleaning and straightening I have been working....the day does not feel complete unless I have been creating and here is what is new at My Website


I am taking down some curtains today to wash and iron and that will my project in the cleaning department for today!
Hope your day is all you want it to be!
Jil xo

Friday, March 25, 2011

Chilly Pink Saturday

Hello All....Wherever you are I hope it is not as cold as it is here. Brrrr! It is almost April and last night it got down to 9 degrees and the high today, so far, has not made it to 30! The less than one inch of snow of the first of the week turned out to be more like four and it is frozen to the ground and trees. Even though tulips and other spring flowers seem to be hardy, I wonder what this frozen snow is doing to them! Some were up about six inches ....Oh, where is Spring and some warm air????

But to happier matters....this is Saturday and you all know what that means! We are celebrating our favorite color, PINK, with Beverly . Be sure and run over to see all the wonderful blogs taking part....

I feel kind of lacking in pink this week to show you, but I did these three little "egg" bunnies and they come in this very pink wire basket...They turned out pretty cute and they sit by themselves, too. You can see more views of them at My Website

And, then while I was at it, I made three more that I listed individually on My Etsy

This is one of them....

I am keeping the noble people of Japan in my daily prayers and I hope you will join me....they are now fearing a serious breach in the reactors that could spill uncontrolled amounts of horrific on top of all they are having to deal with! And then there was another good jolt in the ground in Myanmar which took lives....

I was saddened too, this week, by the passing of one my all time favorite actresses...Elizabeth Taylor. I have read that she had suffered great pain for some time and while I will miss her, I am happy she is now painfree and in a peaceful place.

Lets hope that next weeks news will be a bit cheerier!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Pink Saturday

It can't be Friday already.....It seems like it was just Monday. Oh I do wish life would slow down for a bit....
I really believe our winter is ending as our tulips are poking through the soil and a lilac bush has big green swollen buds....such a welcome sight! And we saw our first Robin....Oh, that was a happy moment! And to find more happiness, be sure and visit Beverly and all the wonderful blogs loving pink!

As I say goodbye to winter I have to say this is a winter I snuggled down and really enjoyed! I told you in an earlier post, how I was having a love affair with my warm and cozy bed...looking forward to getting comfy and cozy under the quilts and my special "blankie" and my hotwater bottle....such a comfort! I never have had a winter like this and I am grateful for it. It is hard to explain, but I needed just what it gave me...comfort, peace and some much needed healing of the soul! I hate saying goodbye to the long nights, but I welcome the longer evenings when we can be out enjoying the yard and the birds....each season offers such delights.

Do you like Southern Belles as I do? Pretty ones that are in great condition are getting harder and harder to find. Here are two I just listed on the Website

Click on the pictures and you can see them up closer....aren't they sweet?

Now I am off to say "Hi" to you!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Wearing Of The Green

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all my dear friends! Don't forget to go and visit Miss Beverly for all the blogs celebrating Pink And Green! It should be a blast!

I don't have much green in my home, but there are some touches as there are many hues that I just love like the green hubby painted this screen ... and of course the beautiful green leaves of the plant...

A Vintage plate with a band of soft green....

This hand blown Venetian glass apple was my mothers. It has many flecks of real gold and is so pretty with the light streamng through....

More pretty green courtesy of Mother Nature...

And this was courtesy of Mother Nature this morning...6 more inches!

A teeny artichoke teapot that I have had for years....

And a pretty little plate I found at the Salvation Army for .50. I was so delighted and surprised it was still there.

Well...these are my greens and I can hardly wait to see all of yours...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Miss Jacque B. Bunny

The fun part of spring is that you get inspired to make different and cute bunnies and dolls. Things that are cute and whimsical in pretty colors of spring.
So, here is Miss Jacque B. Bunny just finished today. You can see her at The Ruffled Rose She is looking for a new home and comes with a pretty pink Gerbera Daisy and a carton of six colored eggs .... So hope you will hop on over to see more of her.

Be Happy ....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

For The Love Of Lavender

Hi Everyone....As usual I am a wee bit late....I get so busy and busy I have been trying to sort and rearrange my supplies so they are more efficient! This is a bit hard to do when you live in a very small space....cute, but small!

Anyway I am joining in the fun at Etsy Cottage Style for the Cottage Colors Party and you can too by going to Etsy Cottage Style where you will find the other participants who love purple, this months color.... it is one of my favorite colors and I love soft lavenders and the dusky, smoky lavenders sewing room/guest room is painted such a pretty and relaxing color and I don't think I will ever tire of it...

The lavender wall color and the border with lavender....sweet and soothing. I found the shelf at a craft fair on the Court House lawn in Prescott, AZ. many years ago. A father and daughter did this scroll work and they had many beautiful shelves to choose from....
And more touches of lavenders in my sewing room.....

Vintage millinery bunch of violets...I adore these!

A storge box above my sewing machine....

Quilt with lavender blooms....The soft white coverlet I purchased at one of Prescott's antique stores and it said it was Matelasse ....t is so hard for me to tell that from quilting....I know it is a type of, is this just a vintage quilt or is it Matelasse? Can you tell?

I can't put all my pretty hankies in a box...I just love looking at their laces and dainty embroidery, so I have some scattered here and there throughout the house...peeking out from a drawer, hanging over the edge of a get the idea... and here in my sewing room....The bigger frame has pretty lavender blooms and while it has a crack, I can't throw it away!

Well, these are some of my lavenders/purples and now I am off to see yours...

Hope you are all having a great day creating something beautiful!