Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve & Pink Saturday

Like everyone else, I am busy cooking the dishes we love so much and that make Christmas so special....*be sure, when you have a spare minute, to hop on over to < Beverly > and see what all our pink loving friends are doing this Christmas day... unfortunately, I thought I had everything I needed, but found I have to make a mad dash out in the cold, to the store for four more items! Bah Humbug! Not the store again!! The pies are done and it is all I can do to not slice myself a generous piece of pumpkin, but I am using great! Oh, I thought to myself, the house smells like wonderful....such a good place to be....

I want to tell you about this darling wreath....Many times through the year I think of a friend that I cherished....Claire. It was Claire that made this adorable wreath that will always be a part of each of my Christmas's ....I met Claire at a craft show many years ago...she was the Mom of another crafter and both of them did the cutest things....Claire was so gifted and always sold out at each show....She lived in Utah and she and her hubby drove to the shows in Holtville and Brawley, CA. Her daugher and family lives in Holtville. Claire and I just was one of those rare occurrances... and we kept in touch with lengthly phone calls between craft shows.

One afternoon, Claire went out to get wood for the fire....a strong wind was blowing and, I still cry when I think of this, a heavy branch blew off and hit her dear face, killing her.

A freak accident that brought a great loss to so many....I know sweet, good Claire is in a good place where she is an angel, for that is what she was here, on earth....

I look at my little wreath and I see her sweet face and feel so fortunate to have known this good woman!

Merry Christmas to All!
Warm Hugs,