Friday, October 30, 2009

~Happy Pink Halloween~

Welcome to the last Pink Saturday of October and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Don't forget to go to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... for a list of the marvelous pink blogs for this week! Thank you, Beverly, I hope you know how we appreciate what you do for us!

Here are some of my favorite pumpkins made from vintage chenille spreads...I have had them forever.....a black cat I painted upteen years ago and a set of Mammies from Virgina that my dear neighbor brought to me this week as she felt they would be perfect in the "pumpkin patch." Thank you, Pat!

This has been a ho hum week, just quiet and peaceful, nothing much going on... I worked while the rain pounded down and I think those of you that know me, know how I love the rain. It is so calming..... Probably the most exciting thing was the squirrel on the window in the previous post.....

The leaves are really coming down now and our Burning Bushes are starting to turn that burning red. I don't know why I did not take pictures and will tomorrow for a post this next week. They are beautiful....the red is more blue than orange and beautiful against all the golds....

I have been happily working on a custom order with ribbon is getting to be a task finding the ribbons anymore and in the colors I work with and since I love to do this, I am going to have to find a good source.....I have made a few things for eBay, but it is sooooo slow there and with the sad losses of jobs and homes, I think we will just be fortunate for any sales. They say the recession is over....who are they??? And with the over flow in fuels in our storage facilities, THEY ARE UPPING THE PRICES AND THAT INCLUDES HOME FUELS, TOO! Well, no use fussing about what we have no control over....I have such a time learning to "go with the flow!" lol! :-)

Here is a peek at what I did this week for EBAY

The first picture is of a Cake Saver which my hubby patiently painted for me and then I did the little blue bows and roses....all differnt all the way around. This is complete with the footed vintage glass cake plate.....I think it turned out very sweet and dainty.....

And next, a cute little cone bag that is so versatile....fill it with candies, dried posies or silks. Use it as a gift bag for a small present....two gifts in one. And, hang it anywhere from door knobs to shelf hooks for a sweet Cottage accent.

And last, a pair of little sachet booties that I finished this afternoon with some ribbon embroidery.....they make nice little gifts and with a pair, you can keep one and give one...

Thank you for stopping by on your way thru all the pretty pink blogs.....I enjoy all of your comments and wish you could all come for tea and a chat!
Cozy Hugs,

Looking For Nuts.....

Here is one of the naughty squirrels that love to dig up my flower beds looking for nuts....I heard a commotion, the other morning, and when I went to investigate I was astounded to see a squirrel looking in a bedroom window.....Quickly I ran to get the camera, not expecting him to still be there, and there he was! He ran up and down and all around the window for about fifteen minutes and what I really think he was doing was looking for a way in.

A few years ago hubby had to climb up and close up a place between the gutter system and the house where they had been living. It was a small separation that the installers missed when putting a new system on the house, but they had made them selves at home and we had quite a time, after it was sealed to keep them from chewing the house to get back in there....They are determined little creatures!

Look at that little paw....

I just wanted to share this sweet occurance with you this morning and now I must get busy!
Hope you are all having a great day!

Friday, October 23, 2009

~ Pink Saturday And The Pink Poodle Rule.....~

Hello Pink Saturday friends and Welcome.....I hope you had a great week and are having fun visiting all the pink and wonderful blogs that Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... so charmingly hosts for us! Thank You! Beverly! Be sure and visit her to get the list of pinks to visit.

Pink Saturday is a day of relaxed fun traveling thru marvelous pink blogs, but with this weeks tragedy of two little girls, abducted, sexually assaulted and then senselessly killed we mustn't go on with our fun without first remembering them. And, we must become aware of this growing problem we have and be more watchful and careful with our children and grandchildren!.....

Two in one week! Somer Thompson, seven years old and thrown in a dump....another little nine year old girl I heard about on tonight's evening news. They have a teenager in custody.

I am hoping that you will all stop and say a prayer for these children and their mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings and all that such a violent and evil act touches.

Gerraldo, on FOX news came up with a good rule...The Pink Poodle Rule...if you wouldn't let your dog do it ....don't let your children do it....he is referring to allowing them to walk home from school or being out in general without adult supervision and caring as much for your children as you do your dogs.

I wonder why this crime happens so often and why we have so many sex offenders...lax laws and over crowded prisons? These sex offenders, and there were 151 in a five mile radius of little Somer Thompsons home, should NEVER, and I mean NEVER, be released back into society. Once that evil act is done, I simply do not buy into the fact that they can be does one really know if they are? If that tendency remains in their minds and hearts, we can not take a chance with our precious children. Children depend on us to keep them safe and we have an obligation to make sure they are!

You are taking a chance every time you let your child walk alone to and from school or out in the yard to play unsupervised. Have you checked on your computers to see how many sex offenders are in your area? I have and I was shocked. When the grandchildren come and want to ride scooters or play outside, one of us is always on the porch and if they want to go around the corner and up the block....we walk there, too. I am not hysterical about this, I am just aware and react to the facts and will take no chances. I love my grandchildren with all my heart and in my care they will be safe. I can not stand the thought of anyone harming a hair on their precious heads. What will it take to wake up parents and the public to this very real problem in our society?

I know our prisons are over crowded....I know most states are having a difficult time....There are lots of empty buildings now and perhaps each state should have compounds for them to live out their lives in. Or, an ankle bracelet for life, but the best idea is to have each that is found guilty, if's buts or maybe's! Their rights you are thinking? They lost their rights the minute they touched a child. The horror, the terror these little people go thru, their Mommies and Daddies not there to rescue them.....something must be done!

I am concerned that the public has become desensitized about this, we hear it on the news, feel sad for a moment and then go on with our lives, for what can we really do about it...We have become uncaring on so many levels...I wish I were younger with tons of energy and knew how to start a campaign such as the Mother that started MADD.....something must be done so these children did not die in vain and the perpetrators out there will think twice before doing their evil deeds ever again!

Lets make it The Pink Poodle Rule! Lets Pass the Pink Poodle Rule On! Spread the word!

And back to our special day and a bit of pink....
While going thru a dresser drawer this week I pulled out this silk and very pink bandana style scarf....something from living in Arizona. I put three cookie ornaments in a softer pink, on top....and VOILA! here is my pink for this week!

Thank you for visiting and please be watchful for children walking or playing out alone and call 911, and look for details, like a license number, if you see anything wrong might save a child! And, don't forget the Pink Poodle Rule!

Hugs, Jil

PS I invite you to visit my other blog, Adrianna's can click on the banner to the right to see some of my new "Pretties". Hope you will follow me there to know of my new items! A give away is on the horizon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Computer Problem Fixed! Yea!!

I had a bit of computer problems over the weekend resulting in my loosing my Sunday post. The problem seems to be fixed thanks to a patient husband and a nice repair man that set things aside to run down the trouble on my computer! And, can you believe he would not take any pay???? So I am thinking what I can do for him that he would enjoy. Maybe dinner for two at one of our nice restaurants??? Present the gift certificates with a fresh batch of my chocolate chip cookies? Mmmm....that sounds pretty good to me! And, I have a dear hubby that loves my chocolate chip cookies so there will be a cookie jar full for him, too!

I am little by little getting things on my other blog, Adrianna's Boutique so if you have a minute I hope you will take a peek and become one of my followers so you will know each time I put a new "Pretty" on. It might be something I created, or...something vintage you can't resist!

Sending Warm Thoughts!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hello and WELCOME to Pink Saturday...If you click here, and go to
Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... you will find lots "pinkies" to visit today! Thank you, Beverly for providing this fun day for us!

The Vanity Bottles and Pin Cushion can be seen at
< eBay >

This week flew a blur! Are you sure it is not Wednesday? That is what it feels like... lol! Don't you just hate it when your clock somehow, gets off???

Well, I did manage to get a couple of things made this week, but that was about it. Me, who is always so organized, I think....smiles..was anything but. I just have to get myself back under control!! :-)
the cold is here and the wind is howling around the corners and I look out and see my roses that need to be made ready for winter, as well as all my other gardens, and wonder how I will do it in 30 degree weather. Brrrrr! The trees are dressed in their pretty colors, so soft and pastel this year, but most are still green and confused....spring was so late we never thought they would ever get green and bushy and then here came the cold..actually, it never did ever really warm up..and they say snow flurries tomorrow.....I am not ready for this...
So, I wish you cozy fires and mugs of tea and lots of happiness, giggles..and organization!

~My First Award~

~Thank You, Sue, Collectin Texas Gal, For Honoring Me With This Award~~It Tickles Me Pink!~

And here are some blogs I know you will all love. They are each beautiful and unique in their own way and fun to visit!
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The last two awards I award to all my old and new friends. Thank you for your wonderful comments that make my day so happy! I have met some amazingly talented and nice ladies! What a blessing!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009


A warm cozy welcome to PINK SATURDAY! It has been a week of low dark clouds and buckets of rain and much cooler temperatures here by the shores of Lake Huron, but if you visit Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... you will find nothing but sunny pink blogs to prowl thru to Ohhhh and Ahhhh over! Be sure to have your cup of coffee or tea with you and just relax and have fun....that is what this day is all about! I will be joining you in my pink winter "jammies" and cozy pink slippers and for me....a diet cherry Dr. Pepper in hand!

All week I had plans to get ready for today and everyday I said to myself "I will do that tomorrow, for sure!" Well, late this Friday evening I realized I had procrastinated all week and here I am not at all prepared, but.......
hubby saved the day with a picture of the one lone "pinkish" red leaf on the Maple tree outside our bedroom window....the only one on the whole tree. I know it won't be long until all the leaves will be pretty shades of reds and golds.

And, a few hanger covers I did this week all in shades of pink with roses, roses, and more roses as well as ribbon embroidery and other pretty details...

I beaded this one, too...

And last, but not least....A lovely pillow or door charmer with a Frances Brundage vintage image on fine cotton and more ribbon embroidery with Swarovski crystal beads...

Bye for now and thank you for coming by for a visit....
See you all next week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Soft Comfort

There's comfort food most of us turn to in times of stress or unhappiness....what about comfort bedding? Sheets old and soft, familiar and comforting that wrap around us making us feel safe and cozy?

As I was changing sheets this morning, the day dark and rainy, I pulled out of the linen closet a set of such sheets that evoke all of the above feelings.....I really hate to admit that on figuring back to when I purchased these, they are twenty two years old! As I put them on I was thinking how pretty they still are after all the washings and in wonderful condition....That proves that spending a bit more, when you can, you get your monies worth and beyond.....

The pretty and pastel quilt I purchased almost that many years ago from Spiegel

and while I do not think it will endure many more washings, it, too is an old friend as is the comforter....part of the set by Mario Buatta purchased those twenty-two years ago that now make me feel safe, secure and comforted as I drift to dreamland.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Purpose Of Cash For Clunkers?

I have been wondering about something, ever since hubby and I went to get our flu shots, yesterday.

We passed by a large lot of cars and trucks, where there never was a dealership of any kind, and they were having a BIG sale. Lots and lots of people. Well, it turns out that there was an article about it in the morning paper, which I did not read. Hubby enlightened me. And here is where my confusion begins.

I assumed that the Cash For Clunkers program, initiated by the president, would destroy those vehicles and the metals would be melted down to be used for other things, possibly new and greener vehicles.

This sale was of all the clunkers the dealerships around town received and.....they were RESELLING THEM! They are putting them back on the streets, gas guzzlers, poor exhaust systems, tires and all! Oh, they had them washed up and sparkling in the dull sunlight and most did not look like clunkers.......

Is this what is going on across America? If it is, then what was the purpose of Cash For Clunkers? I thought it was not only to rid the streets and the environment of gas guzzling vehicles but to stimulate the American Car Industry. No stipulation was made, evidently, to purchase an American Made vehicle as the largest number of sales went to the Japanese made vehicles.

Well, with this said and off my chest, but not my mind....I need to get busy on some orders that need to be completed and ready to mail....
Have a Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello everyone and a big Welcome on this October Pink Saturday~~~Be sure to visit Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... to visit as many as you can, all the wonderful and creative women that live and love PINK!

Well, how do you all like the new pink look of my redesigned blog????? It is just what I was wanting~~~peaceful, restful and quiet.....something that is important to me right now. With life's ups and downs of late, I find myself seeking quiet, soothing places....even with my blogs.

*(Be sure and click on Adrianna's Boutique button, to the right, to see my blog where I will sell my handmade and vintage items ...Isn't it beautiful? No, I do not have anything on yet. Debbie just installed if for me today.....but within the next week I will start adding things, so do come back and check.)*

For Post Card Pretty Blogs, be sure and visit Debbi at CTG Designs~~~her link is on the right~ It is always a joy to work with her! She is a lovely lady that has wonderful design talent, and she is very patient and easy to work with as well reasonable, too!

And, that brings me to my favorite of all magazines, Romantic Country. I still enjoy and purchase Romantic Homes and Victoria, which used to be my all time favorite, but something happened with those two magazines~~~~they are no longer exciting and fresh as they once were, but I find all that happy, exciting freshness in Romantic Country. The rooms are my dream rooms, soft, sweet and soothing, but full of extraordinary personality! I love the use of the pastels and white, but not all white~~~~
Here is the cover of the new issue at news stands now, and a bit of what is inside about Rachel Ashwell and how she uses her yard sale finds as well as the title of her new exciting book.
If you don't already pick it up or subscribe to it, I hope you won't be disappointed, I guarantee!! You will be enchanted!

I love this fluffy, ruffly table skirt....I have to find the time to do one for myself.....I am not sure how hubby will receive this.....but he will time! ;-)
And, who doesn't get a thrill when you find something so luscious and perfect within your budget....Bliss it is!
Thank you for paying me a visit today!
Sending warm fuzzy hugs~~~