Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Pink Saturday!  Hello Friends!
The wind is blowing a gale, and there are little "helicopters" from the Maple trees everywhere!  lol!  That means watching for all the little shoots of baby trees that will be coming up in the gardens, lawns, gutters....just anyplace that can put down roots.  Like squirrels, it is just part of living here ~

I was going to the antique store, as I have some things to add, but we are under another storm warning and after yesterday and the tornado sirens going and fleeing to the basement, I thought I would do the errands tomorrow just to be safe ~

The flowers love this very warm and humid weather ~ just look at the Columbine!

And the Gardenia Tree Covered in Buds ~I can't believe I coaxed it to make it through the winter to bloom again for us this summer!  My neighbors all get fragrant blossoms regularly until it is time to take it back inside! ~
And, of course I have to show you something from the WEBSITE

A pretty pillow! (if you click on the picture, you will see it enlarged )
Thank you for stopping by!  I hear the thunder rumbling, so this will be all for this time!  Have a wonderful weekend and stop back by soon!
I may be late getting to each of hubby just called to me to look out the window to the West.  It is VERY black and threatening looking ~ The wind is picking up!  I love storms!!
Jil ♥
  Beverly is our friend and host, so do visit her and you will find all the other beautiful ladies and their blogs celebrating PINK!  Here is the link: Beverly's  

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Pink Pixie Forest: Fairy Cake Class Giveaway!!!

The Pink Pixie Forest: Fairy Cake Class Giveaway!!!

Five Glorious Years Of PINK~

There is a bit of PINK everywhere you tulips, pink lilacs, little girls coming home from school in pink t-shirts.  It just seems like this is the pink time of year!  And to celebrate this lovely color, you must   visit Beverly's to find many beautiful blogs all celebrating PINK and  5 years of PINK SATURDAY and new friendships!

Five fabulous years that Beverly has given us by hosting this party every single Saturday!  Thank you, ever so much, Beverly for your sweet dedication and I am wishing for us all,  five more fun filled Pink Saturday years! ♥♥

Here are some beautiful cupcakes to help with the celebration ~ Don't they look yummy!  Really too beautiful to bite into ~

And a darling Pink Cottage for Summer Dreaming ~ A perfect little studio I think ~
A beautiful Cottage chair done all up in mosaics by Vintage Dragonfly ~ Wouldn't this be perfect in the Pink Cottage?
A pretty pink apron and a sweet pillow from THE RUFFLED ROSE ;

Pretty Tulips From My Garden

Happy 5th Birthday, Pink Saturday!
♥ ♥ ♥ Jil

Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebrating Pink, Again!

I woke up this morning with the urge to clean and rearrange.  I think it the sound of the birds happily singing and the warm, balmy air .... Winter is over and a new season is beginning ....
Are you like me?  Does spring inspire you to clean and rearrange and give things a new look?
I know this is not pink, but this is such a pretty rose corsage Marian Elizabeth fashioned for our 
website and would be a lovely Mothers Day gift, that I just had to show you!  Lots of pretty things happening at the Ruffled Rose ~

You will find many more blogs celebrating Pink over at Beverly's  and that is where I am headed, too!

Happy Pink Saturday!
♥ Jil

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Promises, Promises!

I am so bad about blogging....I make all of these promises but, I get busy and forget.  Another problem is I am not a writer and it takes a certain amount of talent to keep your audience engaged!  I read blogs and the post may be short, but it is written so well and just draws you in and you don't want to leave.  I want to be one of those bloggers!  Well, maybe someday, as I believe I will always be the reader more than the writer!

What I have been doing is making things for the   website ... items to freshen up the home for Spring like the pretty hand towel, below ~

And the fun and roomy bag and scrumptious pillow ~

Today is is almost 80 in my part of Michigan, sunny and just plain glorious!  While at Sam's we picked up some potting soil and Turf Builder to make the yard shine and every pretty day I intend to put in at least a couple of hours working out there....
It is hard to believe it is snowing in Colorado and Minnesota on May 1st!
Have a happy day!

♥ Jil