Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Pink Saturday

It can't be Friday already.....It seems like it was just Monday. Oh I do wish life would slow down for a bit....
I really believe our winter is ending as our tulips are poking through the soil and a lilac bush has big green swollen buds....such a welcome sight! And we saw our first Robin....Oh, that was a happy moment! And to find more happiness, be sure and visit Beverly and all the wonderful blogs loving pink!

As I say goodbye to winter I have to say this is a winter I snuggled down and really enjoyed! I told you in an earlier post, how I was having a love affair with my warm and cozy bed...looking forward to getting comfy and cozy under the quilts and my special "blankie" and my hotwater bottle....such a comfort! I never have had a winter like this and I am grateful for it. It is hard to explain, but I needed just what it gave me...comfort, peace and some much needed healing of the soul! I hate saying goodbye to the long nights, but I welcome the longer evenings when we can be out enjoying the yard and the birds....each season offers such delights.

Do you like Southern Belles as I do? Pretty ones that are in great condition are getting harder and harder to find. Here are two I just listed on the Website

Click on the pictures and you can see them up closer....aren't they sweet?

Now I am off to say "Hi" to you!
Have a wonderful weekend!