Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love my little "buggie" that dances from a long spring, on the porch.....I found him at Mary Maxims, here, about five or six years ago....
Nothing says Summer to me, like the singing of the Cicadas.....I have waited and waited to hear their song and finally, they are here. They came with the cooler air and some soft breezes out of the North..they are late this year....the day is perfect, but you know by the feel in the air that summer is at its peak and is sliding towards fall.

Our youngest grand-daughter in Texas is leaving for her first year in college on Friday....her truck is packed and her parents will be following her to help her get settled in....grandchildren in NY are excitedly getting ready for school in two and a half weeks with new clothes and cleats for soccer to say nothing of the long lists from each teacher of supplies they must have when they walk through the school door on that first day....

The Arizona grands are involved in the same activities...summer flew by all to fast for all of them and me, too. I find it hard to think fall and then winter. I am enjoying these perfect days after a couple of weeks of hot sticky weather. I have no desire to sew or do anything else, at the moment....I just want to sit on the porch and soak it all in.

Hope all of you, too, are having a blissful summer day!