Friday, August 19, 2011

Summers Sweet Pink Saturday

Hello My Pink Saturday Friends....Here is the link to Beverly our hostess with the mostess for doing this for us faithfully each will find all the other great blogs to visit and be sure to leave Bev a comment too, to tell her how much we appreciate her!

What a lazy summer week this has been....the cicadas are singing, the zinnias finally blooming and the watermelon and all the fruits and veggies from the Farmers Market simply delicious....

A bowl of saved rose pink and pretty.

Heavenly summer days and believe me, I am enjoying each and every moment as I watch the evenings slowly becoming shorter, I know that Fall is just over the hill...
We leave a little earlier in the evenings, now, for our two mile walk on the boardwalk by the St. Claire River, and when we finish our fast walk we enjoy sitting on one of the many benches and watch, hopefully, for a freighter to come steaming by. They can come in from the Atlantic and go through the St. Lawrence Seaway to a chain of magnificent Great Lakes and rivers to get to the Mississippi and out into the Gulf of Mexico. I always dream of getting a ticket on one and taking that journey...having a bag of books I never have time to read and maybe some needlework....I have put it on my bucket list. lol! The weather on the Great Lakes can be fierce, though....many freighters have broken up and sunk through the years in wild out on the oceans....infact, under our Blue Water Bridges lies in extremely deep water, a freighter that sunk there many a year ago. There were no survivors and the ship lies intact on the bottom where other freighters and super tankers travel over it.....that tells you how deep it is.

Looking North to the bridges, we are where we turn around and walk is a mile each is such a pretty place to walk and so much cooler on a hot evening. This is the St. Claire River and on the other side of the bridges is the mouth of gorgeous Lake Huron.

This has been a week of worry, too. One of our darling granddaughters, our Miss H. came down suddenly, and I mean suddenly! with pneumonia last Friday. She is not improving as she should.

She went back for more x-rays a couple of days ago where they showed she was worse, not better. Her meds were changed and yesterday she texted me the congestion in her chest is starting to break up and she was feeling bored, always a good sign, so I pray she is on the way back to her healthy self....this young lady had been running three miles a day in prepartion of her schools soccer season. She wanted to be the fastest on her team as they run those three miles a day in practice. I know she is anxious to get back to it and I hope she knows after this illness she is going to have to be very, very careful to pace herself and not play in the rain or it could all come back on her...Today she has an early morning appointment at the doctors where her Mom is going to ask for another chest x-ray. I hope they find that she is improving...She is a very precious girl.....I have found I worry as much about my grandchildren as I do with my own....I am sure all you Grandma's can relate!

Have a wonderful summery Pink Saturday! I am always overjoyed when I read your sweet comments and now I am off to leave you some!
With Loving Thoughts to my blogging friends....