Monday, October 19, 2009

Computer Problem Fixed! Yea!!

I had a bit of computer problems over the weekend resulting in my loosing my Sunday post. The problem seems to be fixed thanks to a patient husband and a nice repair man that set things aside to run down the trouble on my computer! And, can you believe he would not take any pay???? So I am thinking what I can do for him that he would enjoy. Maybe dinner for two at one of our nice restaurants??? Present the gift certificates with a fresh batch of my chocolate chip cookies? Mmmm....that sounds pretty good to me! And, I have a dear hubby that loves my chocolate chip cookies so there will be a cookie jar full for him, too!

I am little by little getting things on my other blog, Adrianna's Boutique so if you have a minute I hope you will take a peek and become one of my followers so you will know each time I put a new "Pretty" on. It might be something I created, or...something vintage you can't resist!

Sending Warm Thoughts!