Friday, December 31, 2010

To A New Year And New Beginnings

To all the dear friends I have met and learned to know this year in blogland, Thank You for hours of sweet pleasure!

May 2011 bring to each of us all that we dream of....good health, close families,friends, prosperity, renewed faith and love.

Happy New Year!
With Love,
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Found Them~I Found Them!

Woo Hoo...Thanks to Donnie and her instructions from her son, I found all my pictures! Thank you, so much Donnie, you saved the day! Be sure and thank your son for me, too!

If any of you would like to find lost pictures or files in your computer, just follow her instructions in the previous posts comments and hopefully it will help you as it did me.

This has really taught me a lesson to put my pictures and graphics in files and then on CD's for safe keeping. It will be a major project as I never found my already set up files, so I will have to start over with the 7,000+ pictures and graphics. It will take me months as I don't have the time to just sit and do it....I will try to do 100 pictures a day.

I love the heart shape and have various hearts scattered through the house, so I am having great fun creating these crazy quilted small heart pillows or door charmers...Here is my last one created for a customer....
**If you click on the pictures you will get a better view.....**

Today is almost 40 degrees and the ice and snow are turning all mushy and messy. It is amazing what a little warmth will do....People are out walking, dogs are barking, they most likely are not enjoying the slush!, and it just feels "more alive." The children that sled at the parks hills, just down the street, are not too happy, I am sure. This would be impossible to sled in, but you know that will all change with the next snowfall.....
Off to make some turkey noodle soup and then all the turkey will be sure was good!
Warm Hugs and Smiles,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Oh Where Did My Pictures Go?

Hello Dear Friends....Have you ever lost your pictures in your computer? Well, I have and it is paining me greatly! Just before Christmas I was playing around...never a good thing I am learning... with my computer. On my home page, with my screen saver I have several icons. One of those was Picasa 3. I never use it as I much prefer PhotoShop. I thought to myself, I wonder what all is in it, so I clicked on it. When it opened I saw many pictures I had not seen in a long time and then a window opened up and more pictures came whirling in. I did not think much about it, until.....I went to get pictures from one of my picture files in my documents and found it EMPTY! Horrors! So I went back to Picasa and found in the thousands, a picture here and a picture there from my one picture file. In this lost file were many images such as my banner for my blog...all gone. I had my computer guru come over and he said to me that they are somewhere in my computer....three hours later there still was no sign of them. So....I found instructions on creating my own blog banner and we will see if I can come up with something. It is time I learned to do my own designing, anyway! And, to put my pictures in files and then on disks....

So, while mulling this all over, here is what I have been up to these cloudy winter days since Christmas and tomorrow I think I will start taking down the Christmas decorations.....I always have to get used to the "bare" look when all is done and packed away.


This 2 1/2 cup teapot comes with it's own cozy, coaster and tea wallet full of yummy teas....You can see more pictures and details at THE RUFFLED ROSE

I am off to make myself half a turkey and cranberry sandwich while there is still some turkey! It is going to be ham for New Years.
Cozy Hugs,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve & Pink Saturday

Like everyone else, I am busy cooking the dishes we love so much and that make Christmas so special....*be sure, when you have a spare minute, to hop on over to < Beverly > and see what all our pink loving friends are doing this Christmas day... unfortunately, I thought I had everything I needed, but found I have to make a mad dash out in the cold, to the store for four more items! Bah Humbug! Not the store again!! The pies are done and it is all I can do to not slice myself a generous piece of pumpkin, but I am using great! Oh, I thought to myself, the house smells like wonderful....such a good place to be....

I want to tell you about this darling wreath....Many times through the year I think of a friend that I cherished....Claire. It was Claire that made this adorable wreath that will always be a part of each of my Christmas's ....I met Claire at a craft show many years ago...she was the Mom of another crafter and both of them did the cutest things....Claire was so gifted and always sold out at each show....She lived in Utah and she and her hubby drove to the shows in Holtville and Brawley, CA. Her daugher and family lives in Holtville. Claire and I just was one of those rare occurrances... and we kept in touch with lengthly phone calls between craft shows.

One afternoon, Claire went out to get wood for the fire....a strong wind was blowing and, I still cry when I think of this, a heavy branch blew off and hit her dear face, killing her.

A freak accident that brought a great loss to so many....I know sweet, good Claire is in a good place where she is an angel, for that is what she was here, on earth....

I look at my little wreath and I see her sweet face and feel so fortunate to have known this good woman!

Merry Christmas to All!
Warm Hugs,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

While Snickerdoodles are cooling, I wanted to share something I thought was kinda cute....I was waiting for the "ding" of the oven timer and was gazing out the front window when my eye caught this...I looked and then looked couldn't be...could it?

OMGosh...that is not a leaf...that is dried corn I put out for our funny and often naughty squirrels....I am so sorry I missed seeing it left there....and, it won't stay there for long as the wind will toss it to the ground and it will be hidden in the snow...
Well, back to a bit of baking.....I bet most of you are in the kitchen, too!
Cozy Hugs,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Pink Saturday

I think I am ready for Christmas...the house has all the decorations that I will be doing this year...just enough to feel Christmasy to hubby and me. Like Thanksgiving, we will be "just us"...

that is OK as we have discovered we don't mind. We started married life with a passle of children, eight and added one, and have had very little time through the years of "just us." I am not saying I do not want to spend holidays with family, I am just saying it is OK when we can't....We will have a delicious Christmas dinner, enjoy each other and the long as we don't have to shovel, that is. lol!

The little snow people candle holders, where gifted to me from a dear granddaughter in NY. She was in the lower grades (she is almost 16 now )and picked them out at the schools Frosty Shop. (The schools PTO, has a gift shop for the children to come and pick out a certain number of gifts and they are gift wrapped for them, too. My daughter in NY, was the head of it this year....she and her team raised money to purchase over 2,000 gifts. I believe they were free to the children and what a wonderful thing this is, as many of those gifts will be the only ones under the tree this year.

I love these long glittered silver balls and am running back to Mary Maxim's for many more for next year when I will do a proper tree instead of just a small one...

I have had these dear little "Shell" angels for many years...they were a gift to me from my Texas sons wife's Mom....they aren't made any longer as the designer...Margaret Furlong, moved on to other designs, so now they are even more precious.

I don't believe a year has gone by that I do not have this little cottage, which covers a votive candle, out with all the pieces that go with is by Fitz and Floyd and the date on each piece is 1983. I remember how excited I was when I found it in a store that handled my Christmas handpainted items, in La Jolla, had a darling little train that my sister talked me out of. I often wish I had kept it.
Be sure and go to < Beverly > and click on the links for an enjoyable cruise through many pretty, pink and Christmasy blogs.

I wish each of you the Merriest, Happiest Cozy Christmas, ever!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Well, my pink loving friends....another week has somehow flown by and here it is Pink Saturday, again. I love PS mornings as it is so relaxing to sit in my pj's and robe with a cup of coffee or tea, or a Dr. Pepper, and go visiting. Especially since the days have grown cold, dark and wintery.....Be sure and visit Miss< Beverly >

for all the other pretty pink blogs to visit....

When I am chilly, I curl up in this fabulous soft and warm throw.....

I walked into one of my favorite haunts to shop...T.J.Maxx, and heard it calling my name.....I could not believe how incredibly pretty and soft it was....there is a deep ruffle at each end which just made me swoon....the price was perfect and it is b-i-g, too. I have my first "blankie". LOL! I can not go to sleep without this over me....I know my hubby thinks I may have gone over the edge, but thats OK! It not only takes the chill makes this ole girl happy!

And, I don't think I have shown you this pretty plate that I found years and years ago in an antique store on Whiskey Row in Prescott, AZ. (That is a famous street in downtown Prescott....the cowboys would come into town, so the story goes, and would dare each other to see who would still be standing after drinking all the way down this street to the last saloon.....I love that story!)

And lots of pretty pink in these lovely Shops.....Shabby Cottage Shops December ad in Romantic Homes.....we invite you to all come shopping and to register for our Pink Present Give A Way.....

Have a joyous weekend and week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

These may be cozy winter days, but the clouds and sun going further South each day, makes it soooooo difficult to take a picture. I have so much I wanted to get accomplished today, but taking pictures and editing them and then taking more because the quality is far from what I want, is keeping me from my!

The fabrics in this stocking are so pretty and the image so enchanting, I wanted to share it with you....the quality of the pictures...not what I wanted....The first of the year I am going to upgrade my camera...I want the new Canon that takes great pics in low light.....hint, hint, Santa....

I think is my favorite of the stockings I have made, so far, this Christmas season. With the gorgeous fabrics, olden laces, a bit of vintage bling and this precious child, this really is a pretty stocking....

Hope you are all having a nice day and keeping warm and cozy if you live, as I do, where it is now, with these temps, officially winter!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Just popping in to show you the newest of my Christmas stockings and one of my favorites....I love, this now retired fabric by Susan Zulauf, I know many of you do, too...And knowing that, I made the entire back these little cuties...
Click on the pictures for a larger and more detailed view )

And for Christmas sparkle, what better than a rhinestone Christmas Tree pin???

Even if you are not in the need of a new Christmas Stocking....these little guys are just fun to look at....but if you are, you can see more of this fun stocking at The Ruffled Rose

We have a big rain storm heading in and I hope and pray it stays rain and does not turn to snow...I know it will one of these days, but if we can put it off a little longer, that would be a joy!
Toasty Hugs,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunny and bright, I can actually take a picture inside today! We have lots of windows, but facing South and the sun going South, more everyday, does not lend to good picture does lend to lots of frustration!!! lol! Smile!

I am working away on stockings to add to The Ruffled Rose as well as my Etsy Shop

As I said before, I am a slow starter with stockings this year, but here is another I just finished....


Back to the trusty sewing machine for another.....
Hope your Sunday is bright and cheery!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome Sweet Pink Loving Friends...Be sure and visit Beverly to see the list of wonderful blogs celebrating our love of pink...

Thanksgiving Day was quiet and cozy...just hubby and me. The house smelled delicious with all the cooking...the day was dark, rainy and very chilly, but we didn't mind. It was our day.

Almost ready...

We had decided to eat in mid-afternoon, so we could snack on the left overs in the evening....I got so busy getting the dishes to the table that I forgot to take a picture of our feast! Just take my word....everything turned out as it was supposed to and it was a perfect Thanksgiving! I hope each of you had such a special day, too!

And...a Christmas Stocking just finished today...more pictures at The Ruffled Rose

Rachal Ashwell fabric, an embroided Blue Bird and sweet ribbon embroidery...I am just starting to hit my stride making stockings and you will find them at my Etsy Shop, too. New ones almost every day! I am a bit behind because I just had an awful time letting go of summer and couldn't find my Christmas mood!

Have a sweet Saturday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Day Pretties

Hello Pink Blog Buds.....I have pulled our turkey breast from the freezer and started the thawing process in the refrigerator...It might seem like a day early, but this is one b-i-g breast. Want lots of left overs for turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches! Yum-my! I am looking forward to those more than the dinner! lol! And the pumpkin pie with oddles of whipped cream! Can't forget the pumpkin pie....

I was going to go shopping for a bit today, but it is rainy and DARK and I just didn't feel like making the effort...rainy days are lazy days to me, so I thought I would stay home and work and show you what I finished instead....Three pretty sachets...didn't they turn out sweet?

Three Fanciful Ornaments

You can click on the pictures for a closer look....

And, you can see more pictures at THE RUFFLED ROSE

Shabby Cottage Shops is having a special sale to kick off the Christmas and Holiday on the picture on my right side bar to take you to each of the pretty shops Christmas Shoppe page..The SALE starts Wednesday, so this is just an early heads up...happy shopping!
xo Jil

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here it is Friday night and am I ready for Pink Saturday???? NO! This week was a blur of I don't know day of blissful yard work, I know.... I always feel so good after I have been outside working and that won't happen much 'til spring now. The rest of the week working in my little cozy studio. So Pink Friends, I am going to my pictures files and bring up some pink to go and visit our marvelous hostess Beverly for this weeks looooong list of pink peeps and their scrumptious blogs to visit...that is where I am off to!

Warm Fuzzy Hugs,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Pink Bloggy Friends....I hope today you each had a great day....I did. I created away in my cozy little studio while the tea kettle hummed away, below in the kitchen. This was definitely a day for TEA! It was dark with low clouds and chilly, not at all like yesterday where the temps were in the high 50's, warm and summy and no wind. Hubby and I worked for several hours in the yard corraling in more leaves...our big maple tree in the front has only lost about half of its leaves. I worked in cleaning the last three gardens and what a good feeling that is! After bending and stooping and raking I headed right for the Advil when I came it....I knew I would not be able to move by evening if I didn't! lol! Ahhh getting older is such fun!

I wanted to show you what I finished today and listed at THE RUFFLED ROSE ( Click on the picture for a larger look..)

The top is adorned with my ribbon embroidery cabbage rose and leaves and a pretty olde rhinestone button....the pillow is all soft pinks and wine and creams to go with your pretty pink and white homes....

And, I have 3 Yards, in two pieces, of pretty light weight upholstery fabric that I will not be using....I believe this is retired now and I still love it...I just changed my mind with my decorating know how that goes!!!

If you are interested you can find it at my Etsy Shop

Don't forget to visit Shabby Cottage Shops and enter in the drawing to win fabulous prizes in our Pinkalicious Christmas Giveaway!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

~Saturday All Dressed In Pink~

Hello Everyone and Happy Pink Saturday!
Be sure and visit Beverly for your list of blogs all dressed in PINK!
I have been away and missed you all last week...We took a little trip to NY to see our daughter and family....a great time was had by all. One of the highlights was going to a pub/pizza place. IThe pizza was sooooo delicious...We haven't had pizza in ages, so it was a treat! There were eight of us so had two groups of four to play a game very much like 20 Questions while we waited for our dinner.....I am afraid the kids stumped us time after time....they thought that was so funny ...Another hightlight was looking for "things". I get giddy when I know we are going to NY as there are so many fabulous antiques. We didn't have a lot of time as this was a short visit but I was able find a few treasures
**Click on the pictures for a bigger view***

like the Blue And White transfer Roses Teapot below....

And....this sweet plate with the adorable little girl

And a dear little crinkled glass cloche....perfect for one small faux cupcake!

Hope you are all having a marvelous Saturday...I am off now to visit as many of you as I can...the list has gotten sooooo long!