Monday, May 17, 2010

~I Just Can't Throw Away Flowers!~

Are you like me and just hate to toss a once beautiful bouquet because someone you love gave it to you? I do and so I try to save what I can for a later project by drying and some to put in a small vase to enjoy a bit longer.
These are from my Mothers Day bouquet from my NY daughter.....when they were fresh and new and oh so beautiful, you can see them a couple posts below....I wished I could have saved that lovely evergreen filler with the little pink rosebud looking flowers, but they do not allow you to save them....they quickly fall apart. I love them and wish I knew what they are! I am going to call the florist and ask....if I will just remember! lol!
I took the little roses and tied the ribbon from the bouquet around them to dry and I will use them in a little wreath later for my computer room....I used to work with drieds....I grew many of them when we lived in Washington state. It was a passion of mine...statice, yarrow, roses, straw flowers and the list marches on. We also went on gathering trips and brought back basket fulls of Queens Anne's Lace and Baby's Breath, which grew wild there.
So, by arranging your roses so they don't touch too much, putting a rubber band around them, not too tightly, hang them upside down and leave them to do their won't be disappointed. You can dry them in a silica, too, in the microwave, but unless I want them in a hurry I just hang them...I love the look of flowers drying, hanging from various pegs around the house.
The few daisies that were still good, I put in a little vase....there is something magical about daisies...they just look so sweet growing in their clumps in my gardens and then I adore them with roses and lilacs....
So, I hope you saved some of your Mothers Day flowers to enjoy for the months to come....and...
Below is a pretty Vanity Bottle I added to New Things at our website....go take a peek! It is just the prettiest bottle with touches of Blue...I am so pleased with how it turned out.

I hope all you sweet peeps are having a lovely afternoon....I am, with a glass of wonderful sweet tea with a touch lemon beside me!