Monday, September 7, 2009


And......Offering A Lovely Christmas Stocking You May Purchase Here
Made with a Barefoot Roses fabric with the centerpiece a darling girl from the Frances Brundage collection.....she is famous for her beautiful illustrations of children in books and magazines long ago.....the image is surrounded with vintage lace and more vintage lace below with the bow....a pink jingle bell at the toe, vintage millinery with a Mulberry Rose at one corner.....lined with quality quilt batting for shape and years of enjoyment....the inside lining is a pretty white fabric with pretty pink roses....this hangs from a loop of pink ribbon and it measures 16" from ruffle to toe. All my creations are one of a kind make with care and love in my smoke and pet free home-studio... If you would like more pictures or to ask a question......please, ask and I will get right back to

$36.00 + $5.00 Shipping

I can't get over how simply beautiful the weather has been for the past ten days or so...soft breezes and perfect 70's temperatures. Today they are promising showers and we have big fluffy wet looking clouds gathering. A little thunder would be welcome,too, if you are listening, Mother Nature!

We live very close to Lake Huron, about a five minute walk down to Light House beach, and you can hear the engines of the pleasure boats taking advantage of the weather and the last day before school starts and it is back to work......

I am not the only one enjoying it, the purple morning glories are blooming away and growing more every day....the petunias have turned full and bushy and the roses have more buds. I will soon be planting bulbs and covering the soil with Cayenne Pepper to discourage those naughty squirrels!! I did not have the full garden of tulips and other spring flowers because of their digging to try to remember where they might have hidden a walnut!!

More Pretty Pink Roses To Come

It is hard to believe that in a month or so we will most likely be wearing warmer jackets and for me wearing shoes! I am the barefoot girl. First thing in the house and off come the shoes.......