Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty Pink Saturday

Hello All.....I am posting early to try to get a head start. Pink Saturday has grown and grown and is still growing and I need a head start!!!

My latest Southern Belle with Ribbon Embroidery....This one is sold, but another is in the works...

Teacup Pincushion Confection at my Etsy shop.....

Hope it was a wonderful summer week for all my pink loving friends....You can see, above, a bit of what I did beside the usual weeding and housework....which I do not mind. I am one of those that enjoy these tasks.... I love being in the garden and did you know that keeping a dryer sheet in your back pocket really does ward off those pesty mosquitoes? I let some of it hang out of my pocket.... I tried it as I like to garden in the evening best and that is when they are out and about works!!!

Now don't forget to go to Beverly our fabulous host that keeps this fun event going, for a list of all the pink, sweeties that are doing Pink Saturday this week.

I love glass...especially Depression glass and vintage crystals and if you do too, you will want to visit Kathy at
It is a wonderful blog of so many patterns and a great place to go to find that pattern you have been wondering about....I don't know how I have missed visiting her before...

Well, now I am off to hit the trail of Pink Saturday pink and pretty blogs....thank you for paying me a visit and leaving me comments to read. I get such joy from each of them!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas Babies

Good Morning Bloggerettes....
I just wanted to share these charming little ones waiting for Santa... Aren't they adorable?
I am in love with these darling babies....I don't think I have seen a vintage Christmas image that I think are as cute as this little pair, in long time....This door charmer/ pillow is on my website if you would like to see more of it....

It is a quiet, peaceful soft summer day here.....a bit sticky and we are hoping for a thunderstorm or two....the gardens love this weather and the keeping up with the weeds is a daily chore now....
Hope your day is beautiful, too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

~Home Again~

We are was a wonderful little trip with lots of hugs and loving from precious grandchildren. Now, I am settling back in and at work. It always takes me a while, as I miss having family close. It seems so natural when we are with any of them....I will never get used to being an empty nester! :( Or being so far away from them all!

It was as hot and sticky in upstate NY, on Lake Champlain, as it is here in dear ole Michigan! We did take the children one day to my favorite, and may I say, unairconditioned, antique store. Two huge floors. The children were stoic and uncomplaining and I kept telling myself, you can do this as I got more and more miserable....I did not find as much as I was hoping for, but I did find these gorgeous dessert plates....the amazing thing is I found the matching cake plate at this wonderful store in Oklahoma, just off the highway. So, cake plate from OK and matching dessert plates from NY state. Be sure and come back Friday for my FrouFrou Friday Post to see them all together.....

These are going on my website in my boutique, In The Armoire, under Vintage Finds..

The weather was mostly stormy, so we did not get to go to yard sales like we hoped, but here are a couple of things I did find that I thought were sweet.

This adorable little vintage Red Riding Hood shaker has the sweetest face!

This darling little dutch girl, in pink and white, is actually a little ashtray from the 1930's or 40's.....she is in my ETSY store

And, then three pretty teacups and saucers.....

These two are my favorites and especially the one with the rose inside the cup...

I was disappointed that I did not find any pretty hankies, linens or pot holders, but then with the weather, we did not get to do our usual prowling....

With Happy Thoughts.....

Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello and Welcome to my blog this PINK SATURDAY.....This has been a week of hot, muggy stay inside weather. I have become such a sissy! Me, a desert rat and now I run to close windows and turn the air on! If we ever get to go back West, it will have to be the mountains....I let my hair get down to my shoulders and when it is warm, or I am working outside, I just put it up.....even up, I felt uncomfortable, so today, I went and got it cut....cut like 5".....if I get brave I will show you.... :-) Hubby likes it, says it becomes my face and here is the part I liked the best....showing me with his hands coming down each side of his face, he says..."it is no longer straggle-mania." I am still laughing....what would I do without this man! I had no idea, doing my hair every day, that I looked like a straggle-manic..... :-(

Don't forget to go to Beverly our dear hostess for this event we all enjoy so much, for the growing list of amazing blogs all dressed in SATURDAY PINK!

I guess you all must think this is all I do.....Southern Belles that are done with traditional embroidery and ribbon embroidery....No, but I have had several requests and so I keep doing them.....this will be my last for a while, as I have other things I have to get a few things for CHRISTMAS IN JULY AT SHABBY COTTAGE SHOPS....

I love the crumpled ribbons and I keep them in pretty jars after they are dry....I had this jar open as I had just finished adding some to tags to wrapped items getting ready to be mailed....I love to make everything all pink, pastel and pretty for mailing, so when the box is opened. their purchase is like a beautiful gift....

I hope you are all enjoying these lazy summer days....
'Til Next Time....

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh My! It Is HOT Today!

When I went downstairs, this morning at 7:00, and looked at the thermostat it said 85degrees.....I wasted no time in starting the closing of all the windows and turning on the air conditiner!!! I wait with such anticipation, for spring, to open the windows and doors and let the soft breezes in, none today!, and so it was with great reluctance, that I finally give in to closing them, again, for some cool air! :(

The sky has been hazy with humidity and now big fluffy clouds with seeminly no edges, are gathering and I am hoping, fingers crossed, we might get a storm to cool things off....I was out early watering the gardens and the grass as in this weather
they get droopy fast!

With the house cool, I could finish this little pillow....didn't she turn out cottage cute with her bouquet of little vintage posies? You can find her on my website....


Where has the day gone? It is almost dinner time, but it will be easy tonight with fresh corn on the cob, my pasta salad, hamburgers and chocolate cake for that man of mine!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Welcome to Pink Saturday, just one day before the glorious 4th of July! Be sure and visit Beverly our sweetheart of a hostess for our Pink Saturday bash, for the list of lots and lots of PiNk BlOgS to visit today.....

What are you all doing? Having family and friends over or going to them?

We are going to have a quiet weekend....home with just the two of us with the flag blowing in the breeze like it does every day and listening to all the fireworks that will be going off all weekend.....we won't be going to the spectacular fireworks show in Lexington, as the traffic is so bad coming back on the two lane road. They shoot the fireworks off in Lake Huron not far from the shore....we were there two years ago with a precious granddaughter and it is treasured memory....

....We will enjoy corn on the cob, my special recipe of fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon and chocolate cake....maybe I will sew or paint a bit, maybe hubby and I will take a stroll on the boardwalk along the St. Clair river, but no matter what we will do, we intend to think and discuss some history of our, still, inspite of, great nation....below is a song dear to my heart...

God Bless America
Land that I love,
Stand beside her and guide
her thru the night with the light from above.
From the mountians to the prairies to the oceans white with foam,
God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home.

Written by Irving Berlin who immigrated to the USA from Russia

I got in such big trouble when I was in kindergarten, for singing much to loudly, this beautiful song. I have always loved it and get a thrill when I hear it. It is a spectacular song with the prelude which I did not write says it all!

As we gather with our family and friends to grill our hamburgers and hot dogs and have our corn on the cob, potato salad and watermelon, lets not forget the price our Founding Fathers and new Americans paid to give us these freedoms that we take so lightly and for granted today.

Be careful when you light those fire crackers and Roman candles, have fun, but be safe....