Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Pink Saturday

Hello everyone and Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly our gracious and beloved hostess. After you leave me a sweet comment ;0) run right over and visit her and there will be the list of all the pinkalicious blogs to have fun visiting today!

I can not believe how this week flew was truly a week of getting things done....I planted 78 more Tulips in a glorious array of PINKS and lots of Daffodils. Hubby was out working on things to get ready for winter and he came in one afternoon to ask if I forgot to cover up the holes the bulbs were planted in, in one garden. When I went out to look, my friends, the squirrels, had dug perfectly round deep holes all over my garden with their noses. I got the rake and covered up the holes. I made sure, when planting them, that they were good and deep to discourage their naughtiness!!! I know winter is coming and they are busy burying their peanuts and walnuts, but when the ground is frozen and the snow deep, poor things never find them. Mad as I get at them, I always have plenty of food out for them as I know I would hate to have to dig in the snow and wind and cold for my dinner!

My pink busy-ness this week, involved making a special order baby quilt for a little girl due in December....I had fun with the embroidery in the corners, and the beautiful squares came from Abbie
of Special Jays on eBay. She has the most glorious collections. It makes you want to quilt and quilt even if you are like me and most limited in your quilting abilities. lol!

I am making a pair of little baby shoes out of some of this pretty fabric, to tuck in the package for an added surprise....

And, my daughters Christmas present is in the works....
Of course I have to show the "before" and then what I started this afternoon....

I hope she will like them as if she does not, I am snatching them right up as I have the perfect place for them!!!
And one last burst of pink, well, and white and purple, too, before I say "bye".....I have a few flowers that just do not want to give up to Winter...just like!

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And, thank you for your dear comments...they mean so much to me and always put a smile on my face...they make my day!