Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Heard A Robin Sing

Oh today was heavenly! It was sunny and 64 degrees! The birds were singing, kids had their skate boards out and the neighbor washed his car as he listened to a game....The next ten days are to be so much warmer and I will work in the gardens and forget all about winter....Hubby tells me not to be too surprised if we get a surprise snow, but I am thinking spring, not snow....I heard a Robins song, but could not find him, but soon we will have our usual nest in an outside corner of the porch and what fun it is to watch them grow!

I am working on spring and Easter things and above is a cute little bunny whose dress is actually a bag to fill with goodies... More bunnies on the way at < The Ruffled Rose>

Jil ♥