Friday, August 16, 2013

We have been home for almost a week and there has been a lot of catching up to do!
We have been gone all summer....well, almost all summer.
(Our daughters charming home.....her home dates back to the American Revolution)

We took off for a couple of weeks for one of our NY granddaughters high school graduation

 and when we thought we would be going home, there was a little bump in the road.  Our daughter had a test come back that required another test and all of this took three weeks.  All ended well, but it would have been silly to make the twelve hour trip back home if the test had different results and we would have had to make that long trip back ~
We went to Vermont to watch our grandson, Jack, at his soccer play off and then had a wonderful lunch in a quaint cafe and an iced coffee from Starbucks....Jack is the dark haired boy in the front...second from the L.
Two of the girls kayaking on Lake Champlain (they live on the shores of this lake ).  All the children are at ease on or in the water.  Their school has an  indoor swimming pool and each student must learn to swim in order to graduate.

Her husband has been  on a special detail for several months in DC and many in the family, including us, wanted her to take the children to see the sights and that is just what she did.  We stayed and house sat the cat, Mouse and the dogs, Fergus and Bella. This is Fergus, below and Bella is lying down to the left.

 Tom and I roamed the back roads and went "pickin."  We had a great time and came home with the van loaded with goodies for The Ruffled Rose and our booth at the antique mall in downtown Port Huron.   I still have odds and ends on the dining table....sigh! Below is a sampling of our finds...there will be more posts as I get chairs repainted and other pictures taken ~  So you must come back often to see lots more pictures of this summer and our adventure!  I even found ice skates to paint for winter decorating!

And, we are scrambling to get the house and yard ( the gardens are weed city )looking presentable as one of our daughters is coming this weekend....I love "busy" so this is just perfect as we are pretty lonesome for our NY family!!!

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Love To All
Jil ♥
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