Thursday, February 12, 2009


Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day in our family, for that is the happy day Jack Thomas came into the world. Lots of dark brown hair and big blue eyes, he captured all of our hearts! He was a bundle of joy and his sisters were absolutely smitten with him! I will never forget the sweetness on their faces as they looked at him or held him. He completed their precious family.

This handsome, intelligent little man has a sweet gentle side to him, but he is ALL boy and a fierce little soccer player. With three older sisters he learned early not to be bossed to death!!!! He knows how to firmly put his foot down! It is so funny to see this from someone so young, but they have gotten the point....somewhat!

He is a little thinker. This was obvious early on.

He watches his sisters as they do things, and then he puts it away in his memory and when he needs it, he just pulls it out and does it. Case in point is this little story. He liked to be on the computer from an early age to play Disney and other little games. His Mama was busy when she heard the printer going. Rushing in to see what he was doing, he explained to her that he knew how to print out what he needed. She was, naturally, astounded! He was three. It has been that way ever since. He will start Kindergarten in the Fall and he is already so far ahead in what he can do and what he knows.

He is a big fan of Thomas The Tank Engine and Super Heros, his favorite being Spiderman. He wore the Spiderman suit always, under his clothes for a very long time, so he would be ready for any emergency! Now it is cars and car sets.

He wants to go to Applebee's for his Birthday dinner and have an ice cream cake with candles......Wish Mo and Pa could be there, too!
Happy Birthday Sweetie.....We love you, love you and are sending you lots of hugs and kisses!!!

I just love this picture of him getting himself an icicle! So Typical!
Aren't Grandchildren Amazing?????