Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Pink Loving Friends!  Did you all have a marvelous week?  Did you create all you wanted to?  For me this week, once again, just flew by.  With our darling Miss Allie here, things are busy and I like it that way!  When she goes home, June 9th, coming back to this empty house minus her sweet presence will be tough!  No more happily running here and there, no more of her music (which she is very polite about and keeps low, although I keep telling her to turn it up ), her giggles and her smiles, washing and folding her clothes, wondering what she is craving for dinner.....No doubt about it, so I am readying my mind for this not so happy time, but feel soooo blessed for this very special time with her and....we still have several weeks to enjoy! All we want is for her happiness as she has had far too many bumps, unnecessary bumps already in her young life from a very early age. Acts I am afraid I can never forgive, or understand! />
Beverly is our so nice hostess of our Pink Saturday go over and say "Hi" to her and find all the other "girls" that love pink! My PINK begins with a few of the roses I am making for an order of cookies, cupcakes and cake nice to wake up to an order!!! ;)  
And more roses, this time in fabric, that I am creating for a project which I will share when I have it completed....
This morning I was in my closet and my eye fell on this robe....I have had it well over twenty years and found it at Nordstroms in San Diego, when we lived there. Sigh!
I used this robe in summer and I love the details...two small buttons together then a space then more buttons down the front, open work, dainty pink satin piping, lace, a big ruffle at the bottom and at the can't help buy feel feminine and special when wearing this pretty robe! I am going to give it a soak and iron it all pretty and go back to wearing it this won't be long until it will be "vintage", like it's owner. lol!
Bye For Now... Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead and we will talk soon! Many Happy Blessings! ♥ Jil