Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Fall Y'All! ♥
Here are pictures for our Pink Saturday tour of fall flowers, pumpkins and foliage.
**Click on all the pictures to make them larger**
We call this "Thelma's Tree" after the sweet lady that lived there.  She passed a few years ago and a new family lives in her little Saltbox Cottage, but to us it is still Thelma's!  I love how there are little bursts of color among the green...
And at our Farmers Market some of the pumpkins and corn stalks in their nursery...

This lovely pot of yellow Mums was a gift from a dear neighbor! She is so thoughtful and sweet!  Thank You, Pat! xo

Foxglove that I had cut back, but we have two new blooms in our mild Fall weather!

White Geraniums still happily blooming!

Our bright pink Clematis is still blooming away against an old door attached to an older table by the garage garden...

And for my last picture, one sweet little pink blooming among the peonies that I must get out and cut back.  The rocks are from our Arizona/Texas trip....I had the car so full of beautiful rocks of all sizes that hubby had to finally tell me enough as we don't drive a pickup and there are tires to consider.  lol!  How I love my Arizona rocks!
Well, these are my pictures of what is going on in our part of Michigan!  So far it has been a lovely fall!
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Hugs to all....