Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Stormy Day That Wasn't

The storm that howled across the midwestern part of our country was to howl up our way, too. Hubby got up yesterday morning and took down our hanging baskets on the front porch...yes, we still have our baskets up and they look beautiful....and secure all of our porch furniture....the swing in the back yard and so on. He was glued to the weather channel as he ate breakfast and kept giving me updates until I thought I would go nutty! I kept telling him that every warning they give to us for severe storms, rarely, if ever becomes a fact. He was sure with the extremely low isobars, this would be a storm to remember....

What we had was a beautiful day with some wind, rain and dark skies with low white clouds scuttling quickly to the North. A marvelous day to work on a project and that is just what I did....The wind did blow enough that I doubt we will have many pretty leaves to look at on the trees as the ground is becoming a tapestry of golds, reds, peaches and greens.

As I was fixing dinner, this is the scene from my big kitchen window...it was hard to concentrate on preparing the food as the clouds and the light kept changing...
Isn't the sun on the trees amazing....A gift from God, for sure! A wonderful bright spot in the day!

I had not heard of "Burning Bushes" until we moved here. I am a midwest gal having grown up in Omaha, NE. but I don't remember any there....Ours are not full and red as I keep them trimmed short in front of the porch, but here is the beautiful color of red....there are many around town that are big, full and glorious!

This last picture if of our maple tree in the front...it is usually a stunning red, but this year it has golds and soft peaches....the wind was blowing when I took this picture and I think it is soft and pretty, like a Monet or a pretty mosaic....this tree is always the last to loose it leaves in the fall and the last tree in the neighborhood in the spring to get any leaves!!! lol!

I am a bit late in posting this as my computer has not been friendly! It has been stubborn and cantankerous and that is why I have not been at tea parties or much roaming and leaving comments on Pink Saturday....this happens once in a while and then for no reason, it starts acting like it is supposed to...my computer is definitely female!!!

Enjoy your day....