Friday, June 4, 2010

Introducing Eden * My Heart Stopping New Rose

Hi Everyone....I am not sure how my Pink Saturday Post got below this anyone could do it, it would be me! Please scroll past this post for Pink apologies....Jil

Four years ago, this month, my Romantic Homes arrived and when I turned the page, this double page of gorgeous pink climbing roses looked up at me and took my breath away...It was instant love!....I knew I had to have them!....

So, for four long years, this magazine has been the top one in my magazine basket with the page folded back to this double page and for four years I have looked each place we shopped for the spring and summer plants, but no Eden, until...... Last Saturday, out to my favorite garden spot....I was just about to call it quits with plant buying....the purchase table had just about everythng I had come for....when something...I don't know what made me go out and look at their climbing I rounded the corner I saw a large branch of big pale fluffy pink roses falling out over the aisle,...and I thought these are MINE and walked a little faster incase someone else had spotted this beauty, too.....I didn't care what they cost, if we had to eat beans for a month, so be it, but I was going to have this rose and when I looked at the tag...OMGosh...the name was Eden. I NEVER expected these beautiful roses to be EDEN! If you could see these roses in person, you would understand why they were given this name....

I almost ran to the check out.....this was no small feat either, as the bush and the pot it was in was quite big and with big canes flopping here and there and trying to avoid all the shoppers, it was a chore and the day was 100% humidity and in with all the plants, 200% I am sure! I was exhausted and dripping by the time we got to the register but we made it and no one tried to grab it from fear!

Hubby had wanted to wait in the car....he had a book and he could leave the air conditioning running and..... he knows me at nurseries, but he lovingly loaded it in the van, admired it greatly and off we went to would not believe the smile on my face!!!

No it is not planted yet. It must have six hours of sun and in our tiny yard with trees all around, I keep moving the pot and watching how many hours the sun shines on it...So far the most has been three hours....there is a spot, in the front, on one side of the porch against the brick pillar that needs a bush. We have considered that spot as the sun will shine six hours there, but, I can't really see it unless I go out to the the back I can see it out many windows....decisions, decisions....But, I am in heaven with my beautiful pink rose, Eden!

And Below Are My Precious Babies....

Pink Rose Wishes....Jil


Friday...already! Tomorrow is PINK SATURDAY! It is like it is dinner time at our house everytime I look at the clock it seems, the day has flown past and "it is dinner time." Well, this week has flown past like my days and I am having to think what I did each day to have made it pass in a, I am doing Pink Saturday early, so I am sure to do it! lol!

I do know what I did yesterday, I went to a fabulous barn sale about half an hour from here out in the beautiful, lush green Michigan countryside. I took my camera, but did I think to take a picture of the sweet turn of the century Victorian house? Or the darling little barn all made up into the sweetest shop where the sale was being held? Or all the pink peonies....there had to have been over a hundred bushes. No! No! No! Where was my mind? I have NO idea!!!
But I did get some wonderful goodies and I did take pictures of them today to share with you.....

So, lets start with the beautiful dried Statice.....look at that blue. I used to grow my own drieds when we lived in Washington State, but have no room to now, so this was a treat to get this big and pretty bunch....

And....the sweetest little bowl you ever saw....I got so excited when I found this. It is thin like fine china and is perfect for my cereal! And, the price you might wonder????? $.50!!!

And sitting prettily in my cupboard waiting for breakfast...

Next a lovely olde syrup pitcher...Oh my this is so pretty!

Here it sits and looks so at home in my corner cabinet....

Wait....there's this very, very pretty luncheon set...I thought I was just getting the cup and saucer and she said, Oh have a matching plate. When I got home I called my friend, whose sisters barn they were having this in and said please get the other two sets for me...I LOVE THEM! I will leave them on the table ready for lunch!

Look at these deliciously pink with roses plates from Bavaria.....there were three and one has a chip and has already been cut up for a mosaic table I am doing....the other two are sitting where I can see them as I pass to the kitchen...

Having a warm soak are the linens I found sweet,sweet,sweet tea towel with pale pink hand crocheted edging with a rose in the middle I am in love with....I will show that to you later this week.....For all my finds yesterday guess what I spent? No...that is waaaay too high... it all came to $20.25...don't you love spring and summer and the yard, garage and barn sales!

AND....As I promised last week....this may be last, but far from least...
Here is a new treasure of mine....I won this gorgeous lotion dispenser from our sweet Debbie Dabble! It was her first give-a-way and it was my first win!!! Even my SH thought it was mighty pretty!

Thank you, dear Debbie, I wish I could crawl thru the screen and give you a bear hug as I love this sooooo much! She also included a beautiful card that will go in my card collection of 40+ years!

Off to cruise thru other Pink Saturday blogs and you must go too....just go to
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Warm Fuzzies,