Saturday, July 25, 2009


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This is the last Pink Saturday I am going to be a part of for the next three weeks. It is Daughter and Granchildren time. I don't think I am going to get too much accomplished in the creation department. I intend to just be with them and enjoy them and love them and love them.....lots of hugs and fun!!! I fix a special lunch they call "Mo's Lunch". (Their name for me) They put their lunches on TV trays and head for the upstairs and my sewing room and the TV. They think this is a great treat! Of course I will have all of their favorites in the pantry and the 'fridge!

If the weather will behave, we have not had summer yet...just lots of cool, rainy days, we will be down at the beach a lot.

And, we will have our traditional Tea Party and I am going on the hunt for some old hats they can decorate anyway they want....lots of ribbons and flowers....Oh, I can hardly wait! We will bake our favorite cookies for this special event..
Well, I could go on and on, but you all have other blogs you must get to so...

I took these pictures to inspire me. For about a year I have had painters block. Atleast, that is what I call it. I have new brushes and lots of interesting things to paint, but the roses will just not come......I am hoping these gorgeous roses will help. I have had three years of watercolor in college and I think I will use a water color technique.....I am hoping that what I have in my mind I will be able to do.

Pink Geraniums and Pink Double Petunias...

Above are natures beautiful pinks and below are my pink creations for this week on: EBAY >

A Lovely Lady Vintage Christmas Stocking To Hang On The Mantle And Use All Year Long In Your Decorating.....These are wonderful to tuck a little present into for a gift bag too....Two presents in one!

Sweet Faux Cookies

Some of my Keepsake Pretty Pins for the collectible Pin Cushions with Swarovski crystal beads and other fine beads.

Sweet And Adorable....These little 6" Bootie/Socks have over a half a cup of sweet lavender buds to make any room fragrant and relaxing.....these are cute for Christmas decorating, too!

I am so happy you stopped by to say "Hi"....I really enjoy reading your sweet comments........Have a wonderful weekend and week.
See you in three weeks,

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yesterday, another woman lost a breast to cancer. I know her only slightly, as she and her family are good friends with one of our sons and his family.
She has a family, two daughters and a husband and she is a strong woman and will be a fighter thru this. She was once a CHIP. (California Highway Patrol)

Having been in her home and around her and hers from time to time, it was so sad for me knowing what she was going thru. It made me wish there was something I could do and there was..... I kept prayers going her way, this Thursday, as she was having the surgery, that all would be OK.

I checked with my daughter-in-law to see how she came thru it, and learned she is doing as well as can be expected after such an ordeal. The tumor was much larger than expected so they had to remove all her lymph nodes, instead of just one as they had hoped for. Now, they are awaiting the results of the nodes.

This is a woman who always had her mamograms and her monthly self exams. She had had a cyst removed and when she found this lump the doctor thought it was scar tissue, but thank heavens he ordered more tests.

The reason I find I am compelled to write about this, is I realize none of us, as women, are safe from this insidious disease.....We must contiue to fight back by having our regular mamograms and do our monthly self exams and give, when we can, in the hopes they will soon find the cause and the cure! And...don't forget the amazing power of prayer, even doctors are now recognizing just how powerful prayer can be!

Won't it be wonderful to wake up one morning and find the headlines of the paper to read, Cure For Cancer Found!

**I hope each of you that visits my blog will click on the right, to give free mamograms to those that otherwise would not be able to have one!**Thank You!!

So, my post this beautiful Pink Saturday, is dedicated to all that have had to fight the battle, to those that have won the battle, to those who are still in the battle and to those that sadly did not win.

And now on a happier note....a little Pink thanks to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... for being our host each and every Saturday! Thank you Bev...we love you! Be sure to visit her for the list of all the other delicious Pink blogs to visit and....Have Fun!

This is a very vintage little tart would not belive what it looked like before my dear hubby cleaned it up, primed, and painted it.....PINK....of course! I added one of my little faux cupcakes and it is a cutie if I do say so myself!

You can find these two pretty collectible, but usable, pin cushions on EBAY

Thank you for coming by. I do enjoy reading all your comments!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


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We painted our small cottage style bathroom a few days ago....I am so pleased with the pretty light robins eggs blue. It makes me think of the beach, and so I think of it as my beachy blue bathroom. The mirror I have had for over thirty years....I found it in a quaint antique shop up the coast from San Diego. It got a fresh coat of white paint to match all the crown molding, the wrap around shelf and all the rest of the trim in the bath. Of course we chose the hottest day with the highest humidity to do this! lol! The ceiling is done in the new paper that is embossed to look like tin. I love it! Wall paper on the ceiling in the bathroom, you are thinking? Yes! It does very well and painted is quite sturdy...even with the long hot showers.

The fanciful collectible pin cushion, the pretty sachets and the hanger cover can all by found on my EBAY I hope you will stop by for a visit.

I had a lot of enjoyment doing the silk ribbon embroidery over a piece of vintage crocheted doiley for this clothes cover.........It turned out too pretty to hide in the closet, don't you think?

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th weekend and thank you for visiting today!