Friday, June 10, 2011

PINK SATURDAY ~ No Matter What The Weather May Be !

Hello Pink Saturday Bloggy Friends! And, how was your week? Just fine, I hope! It has a been a great one here, but the weather is strange, to say the least!!! Yesterday it was in the high 90's and it was HOT~ HOT~ HOT with lots of humidity and then today is so chilly it is back in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. The air conditioner went to off and the windows stayed closed! lol! When I came home from mailing boxes, this afternoon the car said it was 53 degrees!

One thing about this unusual weather is the flowers and lawns thrive in it! My gorgeous Eden rose is covered and I mean covered in buds! And, long ago, say seven years ago, I planted a Columbine in dainty pink. It just did not do well and I thought it had died....not so! It was waiting for a winter with more than twice the normal amount of snow and a spring full of rain to show off! As you can imagine, I was more than delighted. I walk out to just look at them. It is like a lovely gift! I wish the pictures did it justice. (* To see them up close, just click on each picture *)Aren't they graceful and sweet?

And, aren't these Pinks, below, pretty? They are not perennials, but they think they are as they nestle among my Arizona rocks. They come back every Spring! They are like an old friend!

And some Carnations that smell so spicy and good!

The Peonies are a different story this year....I have many big healthy bushes of them and a total of two blooms! I have been flabbergasted as I adore Peonies and could hardly wait for them to burst out in all their gorgeousness. One is out....

And I have this one to look forward to and then that is it! lol! :((((

Hubby knows of my distress over this and he, who always reads the Shopper, saw that there was an article by Martha Stewart on Peonies, and he sweetly brought it to me. It seems my problem is probably caused by a lack of Potassium. Next trip to my favorite nursery I will remedy that problem! In the article MS writes that with TLC you can sometimes coax them to bloom TWICE! Wouldn't that be heavenly?

This is all of my PINKS for this week! Now I am off to be inspired by all of yours!
Bye :-)
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