Monday, June 7, 2010

~Sweet Offerings~


I hope you all had a nice weekend....they slip by too fast, don't they?

I thought I would share with you two of my finds from this past weekend that are on the website....three pretty vintage fingertip towels....the colors are so delicate and sweet and a dear set of Mr & Mrs.pillowslips with a sweet design.

Things of yesteryear always give me a warm rosy feeling..don't they you, too?..They are so pleasing and isn't it a shame it is hard to find such fine quality in todays offerings....Do people give romance much thought? I often wonder....I don't see much evidence of it and isn't that sad....I am married and I still think our little cottage is romantic, but the kind of romantic a man can live with. I have my roses and he has his old books and somehow they are a perfect blend....or should I say marriage?

Have A Sweet Day!