Saturday, May 8, 2010


Sending wishes to all the sweet Mama's out there that this day is perfect in all ways for each of you!

These gorgeous flowers were delivered this morning....I slept in a bit and my hubby had them waiting for me to see the first thing as I entered the kitchen....I was so surprised and pleased...they are from my NY daughter, Kym, and her family. She picked out the perfect bouquet...beautiful roses in two shades of pink and daisies with a filler with pink rosebud type flowers..(does anyone know what these are??? I would love to have some in my yard)...I love roses and daisies did she remember? And, I love the polka dotted ribbons running thru it...another favorite of mine....polka dots....Thank you, dear Kym, and I hope you are having a happy happy Mothers Day!! (She is Mother to four amazing, smart and beautiful children!)
More pictures of these pretty posies....

My Beloved Mom 1908 - 1997 And Her Mom And Dad:

My dear Mom has been gone for many years now....13 this July, to be exact. I thought she was an amazing person as well as a Mother. This little picture of her which I keep on our old Hoosier Cabinet, is when she was 18 year old. Her parents are in the photo behind her....her Dad a country doctor that never turned anyone down, even in a blizzard or thunderstorm and her Mom, my beloved Granna, a registered nurse and a teacher. She gave readings and loved poetry and gave me my first lessons in embroidery and knitting.....

My Mom graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in the arts....there is a little story there, as her first love was music. She started out as a music major with an English minor. Mom was always a bit of a tomboy and she was on the womens basketball team as well as on their rowing team. During a basketball practice she broke her little finger. Knowing that her Dad, the doctor, would not allow her to play until he had set it and it had healed, she took matters into her own hands. She set her own finger and went on playing. Well, it did not have a happy ending.....The little finger on her left hand grew bent and stiff. You can imagine her Dad's reaction! Back in the 20's medicine is not what it is today, and they had not yet learned how to rebreak it and set it properly, so, she had to change her major because she no longer had the reach to play the piano and that was the instrument she was majoring in. Her new major became art.

Growing up, we always had a piano and Mom played it every day....beautifully, finger or not and she learned to reach those octaves anyway, and....she was a fabulous artist. She could draw and paint anything. She never needed books for inspiration....she had a head full of ideas and she was a true colorist!

She was very gifted in both music and art and when her nest grew empty, she became a Master Potter. At another time I will show some of her hand thrown pottery and some of her art. We had a theft at our home and all my paintings by her were stolen. It has taken me years to get over that and especially one little seascape of a beach in La Jolla that we spent many summers on with her and all my children. I do have the portrait she did of me when I was ten. It was not hanging at the time of the theft.

Mom and I were best friends and I treasure so many memories....she passed away of lung cancer in 1997 after ten years of not smoking. I still miss her soothing voice and her soft touch....her skin was always smooth, warm and soft. Do you know, that to this day, sometimes I will see something and immediately think...I must tell Mom, and it is still, today, with a start that I realize I can't. I was blessed to have this woman for my Mother and my friend! I love you Mom and I value all you taught me. I will never get over missing you!

Have a beautiful Mothers Day!