Friday, April 29, 2011

Did You Watch The Royal Wedding?

Did you set your alarm very early so you could be up to see the festivities of the Royal Wedding? I did. I slept in my sewing/guest room with the little TV and woke up to see Prince William as he was leaving for Westminster Abby.
I found it to be all beautiful and just perfect. The gowns gorgeous, the hats outrageous and I must say not very becoming to their wearers, but I understand the pomp and protocol. The music was heavenly....and the sermons inspiring. Wouldn't it be a good thing if all couples could hear such words from time to time to remember the love and devotion that brought them together in the first place...maybe it would keep more couples together....

And the kisses on the balcony....weren't they sweet and romantic? And the planes of William's squadron flying over head gave me goose bumps! I wish this couple a long and happy marriage and life!

Years ago, I stayed up all night, when we lived in Washington State, to watch Diana marry. Am I wrong in saying that todays wedding was much lighter and happier in feel? After following Diana and watching her little men grow into fine young adults I couldn't not watch the wedding of her eldest.

I hope those of you that watched this happy event in a world that is fraught with problems, enjoyed as thoroughly as I did! It was nice to have something happy to watch!

Be sure and visit Beverly's for this weeks list of pinkalicious blogs to visit. While over at Beverly's, do leave her a comment. We wouldn't have this special day if it weren't for her and all her hard work!

And please remember to keep all the people in your prayers that lost their lives and all their possessions to the tornados that tore apart the South this week and all of this spring. Sadly, so many tragic happenings in the world just in the few short months of this year. Do you think, perhaps, He is trying to get our attention?

Happy Pink Saturday and have a happy weekend and week!