Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello Happy Pink Saturday Friends...Be sure and visit Beverly our most gracious host of our fun pink event for all the other pinkalicious blogs taking part today...

The holidays are behind us. For me, all decorations have been organized and safely packed away for another year. This has been a week of thinking what direction I want to go in creating....what new things I want to learn. Lots of contemplating. Lots of pouring over my vast collection of books and thinking, too.

I love painting and I especially enjoy making the Spindle Ladies and know I will be offering more in many sizes with their bases in mosaics....I intend to do lots more painting, especially in the spring as things warm up.
Oh, I have ideas and things I just want to try my hand at....I am excited!

And, on one of the PS blogs I read an idea that really appealed to me. Take a word, just one word and make it your word for the year instead of a resolution that can so easily be broken...My word is going to be Content....In the face all the stresses of today, I want to find that I can accept all that comes my way and be thankful for all that I have and well...just be content.

Wishing you a week of contentment!