Monday, November 29, 2010


Just popping in to show you the newest of my Christmas stockings and one of my favorites....I love, this now retired fabric by Susan Zulauf, I know many of you do, too...And knowing that, I made the entire back these little cuties...
Click on the pictures for a larger and more detailed view )

And for Christmas sparkle, what better than a rhinestone Christmas Tree pin???

Even if you are not in the need of a new Christmas Stocking....these little guys are just fun to look at....but if you are, you can see more of this fun stocking at The Ruffled Rose

We have a big rain storm heading in and I hope and pray it stays rain and does not turn to snow...I know it will one of these days, but if we can put it off a little longer, that would be a joy!
Toasty Hugs,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunny and bright, I can actually take a picture inside today! We have lots of windows, but facing South and the sun going South, more everyday, does not lend to good picture does lend to lots of frustration!!! lol! Smile!

I am working away on stockings to add to The Ruffled Rose as well as my Etsy Shop

As I said before, I am a slow starter with stockings this year, but here is another I just finished....


Back to the trusty sewing machine for another.....
Hope your Sunday is bright and cheery!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome Sweet Pink Loving Friends...Be sure and visit Beverly to see the list of wonderful blogs celebrating our love of pink...

Thanksgiving Day was quiet and cozy...just hubby and me. The house smelled delicious with all the cooking...the day was dark, rainy and very chilly, but we didn't mind. It was our day.

Almost ready...

We had decided to eat in mid-afternoon, so we could snack on the left overs in the evening....I got so busy getting the dishes to the table that I forgot to take a picture of our feast! Just take my word....everything turned out as it was supposed to and it was a perfect Thanksgiving! I hope each of you had such a special day, too!

And...a Christmas Stocking just finished today...more pictures at The Ruffled Rose

Rachal Ashwell fabric, an embroided Blue Bird and sweet ribbon embroidery...I am just starting to hit my stride making stockings and you will find them at my Etsy Shop, too. New ones almost every day! I am a bit behind because I just had an awful time letting go of summer and couldn't find my Christmas mood!

Have a sweet Saturday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Day Pretties

Hello Pink Blog Buds.....I have pulled our turkey breast from the freezer and started the thawing process in the refrigerator...It might seem like a day early, but this is one b-i-g breast. Want lots of left overs for turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches! Yum-my! I am looking forward to those more than the dinner! lol! And the pumpkin pie with oddles of whipped cream! Can't forget the pumpkin pie....

I was going to go shopping for a bit today, but it is rainy and DARK and I just didn't feel like making the effort...rainy days are lazy days to me, so I thought I would stay home and work and show you what I finished instead....Three pretty sachets...didn't they turn out sweet?

Three Fanciful Ornaments

You can click on the pictures for a closer look....

And, you can see more pictures at THE RUFFLED ROSE

Shabby Cottage Shops is having a special sale to kick off the Christmas and Holiday on the picture on my right side bar to take you to each of the pretty shops Christmas Shoppe page..The SALE starts Wednesday, so this is just an early heads up...happy shopping!
xo Jil

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here it is Friday night and am I ready for Pink Saturday???? NO! This week was a blur of I don't know day of blissful yard work, I know.... I always feel so good after I have been outside working and that won't happen much 'til spring now. The rest of the week working in my little cozy studio. So Pink Friends, I am going to my pictures files and bring up some pink to go and visit our marvelous hostess Beverly for this weeks looooong list of pink peeps and their scrumptious blogs to visit...that is where I am off to!

Warm Fuzzy Hugs,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Pink Bloggy Friends....I hope today you each had a great day....I did. I created away in my cozy little studio while the tea kettle hummed away, below in the kitchen. This was definitely a day for TEA! It was dark with low clouds and chilly, not at all like yesterday where the temps were in the high 50's, warm and summy and no wind. Hubby and I worked for several hours in the yard corraling in more leaves...our big maple tree in the front has only lost about half of its leaves. I worked in cleaning the last three gardens and what a good feeling that is! After bending and stooping and raking I headed right for the Advil when I came it....I knew I would not be able to move by evening if I didn't! lol! Ahhh getting older is such fun!

I wanted to show you what I finished today and listed at THE RUFFLED ROSE ( Click on the picture for a larger look..)

The top is adorned with my ribbon embroidery cabbage rose and leaves and a pretty olde rhinestone button....the pillow is all soft pinks and wine and creams to go with your pretty pink and white homes....

And, I have 3 Yards, in two pieces, of pretty light weight upholstery fabric that I will not be using....I believe this is retired now and I still love it...I just changed my mind with my decorating know how that goes!!!

If you are interested you can find it at my Etsy Shop

Don't forget to visit Shabby Cottage Shops and enter in the drawing to win fabulous prizes in our Pinkalicious Christmas Giveaway!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

~Saturday All Dressed In Pink~

Hello Everyone and Happy Pink Saturday!
Be sure and visit Beverly for your list of blogs all dressed in PINK!
I have been away and missed you all last week...We took a little trip to NY to see our daughter and family....a great time was had by all. One of the highlights was going to a pub/pizza place. IThe pizza was sooooo delicious...We haven't had pizza in ages, so it was a treat! There were eight of us so had two groups of four to play a game very much like 20 Questions while we waited for our dinner.....I am afraid the kids stumped us time after time....they thought that was so funny ...Another hightlight was looking for "things". I get giddy when I know we are going to NY as there are so many fabulous antiques. We didn't have a lot of time as this was a short visit but I was able find a few treasures
**Click on the pictures for a bigger view***

like the Blue And White transfer Roses Teapot below....

And....this sweet plate with the adorable little girl

And a dear little crinkled glass cloche....perfect for one small faux cupcake!

Hope you are all having a marvelous Saturday...I am off now to visit as many of you as I can...the list has gotten sooooo long!