Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Love Affair With Hankies

I am of an age that I had hankies as a girl, as did my friends, and that is when my love for hankies began.  My grandmothers carried them everywhere and often had one tucked in a pocket.  I always thought they were the prettiest things!  Even Grandpa, both of them, carried handkerchiefs as did my Dad and my husband.  Neatly folded in a back pocket....Their's were manly in plaids or white ~

Some have tiny rolled hems, scalloped edges, fancy laces of all kinds and they were also like little samplers, where those learning their dainty embroidery practiced ~
I display my hankies in different ways around our little bungalow as they are just too pretty to keep hidden away in a box and make pretty little unexpected accents ~ I change them often ~
And, I  take hankies that have a slight blemish and turn them into pretty pillows ~

Or, add a corner to a Christmas Stocking
And, who could imagine that a pretty piece of  cotton and sometimes, silk could hold so many  memories, remind us of  our joy and happiness, love and loss.. each hanky has a story.
I have some that have never been out of their original box ~
Look at the pretty edges ~ To see a larger version of each picture, just click on it ~

My favorites are the ones that are in perfect condition, but used....those are the ones you wonder about ~ wonder who carried it and what the hanky would tell if it could talk ~
There is a wonderful and short history on hankies, if you would like to read it.  Just click on the link ~

I love Lavenders and this is such lovely lace ~
In my Sewing room

In the dining room ~

And, I saved my favorite for last ~ When we moved from Arizona to Michigan, eleven years ago, we briefly lived in Coldwater, MI.  Coldwater was our home base for scouting where we would eventually live ~
The surrounding communities of Coldwater is a mecca of antique stores.  In one that was quite fascinating for it's hap hazard way of displaying things, I found this silk hanky.  The aged  proprietress had this behind the counter.  I do not remember what I paid for it, but it was enough that I hid the purchase from my hubby who was in the basement. (The basement was like a library....full of books on shelves was amazing!)  It is a hanky that will go to one of my granddaughters ~
I believe this is the longest blog I have written to date ~  I usually try to keep them brief as I know, I get a bit impatient reading those that are overly long! :)  I hope you enjoyed it!
♥ Jil

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello All ~ Have you been enjoying Fall and all it brings?  Cool temps, radiant colors and a fire in the fireplace!  It seems that just one day it was Fall ~  There was little leading up to it, but now I, for one, have settled in to cozy days with the tea kettle humming away and me happily sewing or painting ~

You can visit The Ruffled Rose> to find all these charmers and more!  I am working away every day!
Infact, I am off to my creating room right now~
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