Friday, October 12, 2012

It has been so hard to give up Summer!  I think Mother Nature knows this and so she gives us some fun called Halloween.  You can find this vintage Jack-o-Lantern at  CottonCreekCottage  on Etsy
And along with the fun she gives us glorious colors as the trees get ready for their winter slumber.
And inside, I have done a little bit of decorating for us to enjoy.
The darling little votive lamp is a from my daughter a few years back ~
Chenille pumpkins from my good friends shop in California several years ago ~
And this cutie is made from a coconut that was carefully hollowed out.  Miss A. one of our granddaughters gave this to a few years back when they were visiting a pumpkin patch and the owner gave it to is one of my favorites because it is so unusual.

This is my bit of pumpkin sharing and now I am going to go to visit BEVERLY   to enjoy all the blogs celebrating pink and Fall!  Hope to see you there!
♥ Jil