Friday, October 28, 2011

Autumn Pink Saturday Fun

Hello Everyone And Happy Pink Saturday! Are you enjoying the fall colors? I know I am. Especially where there is a large grouping of big trees and there are lovely soft colors all mingling to give a tapestry effect! Greens, bronze, golds, wines, peaches and reds. I think it is the most beautiful sight.

Before I go any sure and go to Beverly's to find all the blogs showing not only their pinks, but their fall colors as should be a marvelous show!

**And, I am a proud and happy member of Shabby Cottage Shops. We are having a truly Pinkalicious Christmas Shoppe event with many adorable shops offering so many wonderful things for gift giving and for yourself....I invite you to visit every day to see the featured shop and to hunt for the hidden Christmas tree to win a $25.00 gift certificate as well as to enter in the Pink Present giveaway that will have something from all the participating shops, of which the Ruffled Rose is one. Just click on one of the buttons at the top or the sides of this post.....happy shopping!**

I would have more pictures to show, but my computer and I are at odds and I now have Vista and that changed how I edit pictures. I am slowly getting it, but I do not like it! When they have a program that works, it hate it when they make changes that are not as efficient!

Santa, are you listening? I need a new computer, printer and camera! Really I do!

So, here is a picture or what I have done on our porch. I found this old window a couple of months ago and I never got it dry brushed with white and now it will have to be a spring project, but this window will be decorated for all the holidays and the seasons.....I am looking forward to planning for each window dressing change!

Sending warm fuzzy hugs....