Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello Everyone....Are you all enjoying the heat wave? No. I didn't think so. Much as we yearned to be rid of the long winter with all the snow, I think we were not thinking of so much heat! I am blessed with central air, and believe me, it is a blessing, but we take a two mile walk every night and that is not fun right now. We walk on the boardwalk right next to the water and while it is a bit cooler, when you are trying to walk as fast as you can you get so hot and tired! I do it, though, with my water bottle! I really push myself and I was hoping for a fifteen pound weight loss by Monday, but I will be lucky to get to ten pounds. :( The older you get, the harder it is and I am determined to loose my "muffin top" by winter and sweater time.....

To get to all the other pink and sweet blogs just go to Beverly's and you will find them all for this Pink Saturday. While you are there, be sure and leave Beverly a comment.....we are so grateful to her for hosting this fun venue!

The little gal in the top picture is a memento from the craft show days....I keep her out to remember all those good times....

The cream stocking below, I just finished.....I love the sweet look of the tone on tone of says many things to me, shabby, pretty and classy. I love making the muslin roses and am making some to offer in my Etsy Shop soon.

This stocking has a picture pocket, lots of lovely vintage laces and can be seen HERE I have several more in all creams coming very soon....I invite you to stop by and look.

Off and Running To Say Hi To YOU!